The audience of Bond movies in Finland

The audience of Bond movies in Finland

December 1, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

The audience of Bond movies in Finland. 


The list is incomplete before the year 1972.
Bond films from the 1960s specified in the tables include only the audience from the 1970s.

# = ranking of the year’s most watched film premieres

Original source for Finnish text:
SPECTRE statistics: Finnkino / SF Film Finland
English version by: 007 Travelers

Skyfall201226.10.2012Sam MendesDaniel Craig647 7701.
Octopussy 198312.08.1983John GlenRoger Moore534 5121.
Casino Royale200624.11.2006Martin CampbellDaniel Craig501 2461.
Live and Let Die197321.12.1973Guy HamiltonRoger Moore484 8654.
For Your Eyes Only198121.08.1981John GlenRoger Moore469 3412.
The Living Daylights198731.07.1987John GlenTimothy Dalton468 3811.
Quantum of Solace200807.11.2008Marc ForsterDaniel Craig467 4911.
The Spy Who Loved Me197723.09.1977Lewis GilbertRoger Moore434 6182.
The Man with the Golden Gun197420.12.1974Guy HamiltonRoger Moore420 4503.
The World Is Not Enough199903.12.1999Michael AptedPierce Brosnan385 4123.
Moonraker197917.08.1979Lewis GilbertRoger Moore382 4315.
Licence to Kill198921.07.1989John GlenTimothy Dalton380 0345.
Diamonds Are Forever197125.12.1971Guy HamiltonSean Connery370 2961.
A View to a Kill198509.08.1985John GlenRoger Moore376 6873.
Never Say Never Again*198316.12.8193Irvin KershnerSean Connery369 0843.
GoldenEye199515.12.1995Martin CampbellPierce Brosnan367 0141.
Tomorrow Never Dies199719.12.1997Roger SpottiswoodePierce Brosnan355 8242.
Die Another Day200229.11.2002Lee TamahoriPierce Brosnan320 9313.
TOTAL:7 736 387
Thunderball196524.12.6195Terence YoungSean Connery243 233
You Only Live Twice196715.09.1967Lewis GilbertSean Connery195 329
Goldfinger196429.01.1965Guy HamiltonSean Connery181 017
From Russia with Love196314.08.1964Terence YoungSean Connery174 464
Dr. No196229.03.1963Terence YoungSean Connery171 546
Casino Royale*196722.12.1967Ken Hughes
John Huston
Joseph McGrath
Robert Parrish
Peter Sellers
Ursula Andress
David Niven
Daliah Lavi
Terence Cooper
149 870
On Her Majesty´s Secret Service196919.12.1969Peter R. HuntGeorge Lazenby139 225
TOTAL:1 254 684
ALL TOGETHER:8 991 071

*) Not part of official Bond series


Year: 2015 
Premiere: 30.10.2015
Director: Sam Mendes
Bond: Daniel Craig
Viewers: 678 396 (19th January 2016)
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