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14 November 2021

Main St. Gazette (James Pearson, biographer of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, dies at 91)

13 November 2021

Notes and references in French Wikipedia: John Pearson (also in English Wikipedia).

29 March 2019 (Photolink: First pictures of a new Bond 25 movie leaked – who is the mysterious masked man?

30 May 2017 (Actress known from Thunderball movie died – first Bond girl, who undressed on screen)

7 September 2016

Do You Remember? (Can You Guess Who Infamous Bond Girl Sported This Sexy Bikini?)
007 Travelers as a photo source

3 August 2016

Grange (Drive Another Day Bond Cars Through the Ages)

27 May 2016

Wo was (Quellen)

25 May 2016 (Sad news for Bond fans again)

6 May 2016

Wo was (Pont d’Iena)

21 April 2016 (Director of James Bond movies died)

11 March 2016 (Sad news again for fans of the Bond movies)

8 December 2015 (Just a coincidence? This confusing discovery shows what connects Sibelius and James Bond)

7 December 2015 (Actor who was famous from James Bond movie passed away)

27 October 2015 (Spectre: Another Bond film with Daniel Craig finally in theaters)

25 September 2015 (Put a mark on the wall – Bond theme song published)

8 September 2015 (He performs new Bond movie theme music) (This artist performs new Bond theme song) (This artist performs new Bond theme song)

20 April 2015 (Voice of James Bond villains has fallen silent at the age of 92)

15 April 2015 (Bond has now license to save)

23 March 2015 (Bond girl Cheryl Anne has passed away)

27 February 2015 (Bad luck in Bond filming continues – Daniel Craig’s chase scene ended in an accident)

24 February 2015

James Bond (SPECTRE filming in Rome)

16 February 2015 (Again one Bond movie villain is dead)

10 February 2015

James Bond (Blenheim Palace, UK)

6 February 2015  (Accident in Bond movie’s filming – Daniel Craig injured)

7 January 2015  (Actor who appreared in James Bond has died)

4 January 2015

The Bond  (Designing 007 Exhibition will be coming to Madrid, Spain)

4 December 2014 (“Bond 24” is “SPECTRE“)

24 November 2014   (Blofeld is back!)

14 November 2014 (Christoph Waltz is a Bond villain in “Bond 24“)

13 October 2014 (Dave Bautista is a Bond henchman “Hinx” in “Bond 24“)

10 October 2014 (Léa Seydoux is a Bond girl in “Bond 24“)

7 October 2014 (Geoffrey Holder has passed away)

17 September 2014

James Bond (Hoyte van Hoytema is a Director of Photography of “Bond 24“)