9 February:
Who were Bond’s first two kills?


27 December:
“007: Road to a Million”, season 2, UK survey

8 December:
Analysointia Billie Eilishin “007 No Time to Die”- elokuvan tunnuslaulun musiikkivideosta

18 November:
Introducing Kiran Shah – a stuntman in “The World Is Not Enough”

12 November:
“007: Road to a Million” Amazon Prime Video- striimauspalvelussa

2 November:
Bond in Motion Exhibition opens in Prague, Czech Republic

30 August:
“007 No Time to Die”- elokuvan trailerin analyysi ja tulkinta

25 July:
A new 00 book by Kim Sherwood is…

19 June:
Musiikin merkitys “007-No Time to Die”- elokuvassa

28 February:
James Bond- fanielokuva “The Death Collector”

7 February:
Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin is a big James Bond fan

26 January:
Found the Kenworth truck – not Sanchez / Licence to Kill


24 December:
Merry Christmas 2022 to all Bond fans around the world!

20 December:
Duesenberg 007 David Arnold Edition Guitar

17 December:
Visiting Bond boat “Manticore” from GoldenEye

15 December:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot James Bondista

13 December:
James Bond 007 Helsinki Leather Boots – by BOGNER

8 December:
Bond in Motion Exhibition opens in Brussels, Belgium

9 November:
Diamonds Are Forever – James Bond- elokuvien musiikkia

27 October:
007 No Time to Die – elokuvan esittämä henkilökuva James Bondista

7 October:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot M:stä

4 October:
Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR Bond Limited Edition

25 August:
Happy Sean Connery day 2022

7 August:
007 No Time to Die- elokuvan arvot ja ideologia

13 July:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot Vesper Lyndistä

23 June:
“007 No Time to Die”- elokuvan huumori, onko sitä?

20 May:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot Q:sta

26 April:
Mathilde Swann – (Bond) – 30-vuotiaana

5 April:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot Felix Leiterista

20 February:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot Moneypennystä

1 February:
The title of Kim Sherwood’s first Double-O novel is “Double or Nothing”

31 January:
Who was Hannes Oberhauser?

24 January:
Eri näyttelijöiden versiot Ernst Stavro Blofeldista


29 December:
Tummaihoisten asema James Bond- elokuvissa eri aikoina

16 December:
A new James Bond novel is “With a Mind to Kill” by Anthony Horowitz

2 December:
Daniel Craigin James Bond- aikakausi (2006-2021) muodostaa tarinallisen kokonaisuuden

15 November:
James Bond- elokuvien luomat kauhukuvat joukkotuhoaseista

5 November:
New James Bond books: Double O series by Kim Sherwood

29 October:
Aston Martin Vantage on Ice

21 October:
Drone videos of James Bond filming locations

20 October:
Jany Temime: Dressing James Bond

13 October:
James Bond- taidenäyttely Kristiinankaupungissa

8 October:
James Bond’s travel expenses through the series

9 September:
“Bond in Motion” exhibition in Los Angeles

17 August:
Script Supervisor Renée Glynne and Casino Royale

3 August:
“SPECTRE: The Board Game” from Modiphius Entertainment

27 July:
Bond related cars in car museums in Kangasala Finland

29 June:
James Bond ja lupa astua laivaan

12 June:
Dave Bautista Bondin kuvauksista: “SPECTRE oli painajainen”

28 May:
A new Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz coming May 2022

3 May:
007 SPECTRE katsojien ikäjakauma Suomessa

8 April:
Sir Roger Mooren pojantytär ensimmäisessä elokuvaroolissaan

29 March:
Bond-elokuvien hahmojen paluut, jotka eivät toteutuneet

18 March:
Naomie Harris’ choice of Omega – Trésor

4 February:
James Bond’s history with Bentley

26 January:
Ursula Andress, ultimaattinen Bond-tyttö

18 January:
The Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum has closed permanently

16 January:
Todelliset Bondin tapaamat henkilöt John Gardnerin 007-kirjoissa

14 January:
The James Bond car cost how much!? by jamjar.com

10 January:
Remembering Saturday Live Chats with Tanya Roberts

6 January:
Muistelemme lauantai-iltoja Tanya Robertsin seurassa


28 November:
Tanya Roberts and the shooting time of “A View to a Kill”

24 November:
The Lost Adventures of James Bond by Mark Edlitz press release

17 November:
James Bond actors and Aston Martin

15 November:
James Bondit ja Aston Martin

7 November:
Pierce Brosnan as Dalton, Roger Moore as Lazenby… what?

5 November:
Pierce Brosnan on Dalton, Roger Moore on Lazenby… siis mitä?

3 November:
Tanya Roberts and the best Sean Connery movie

23 October:
Tanya Roberts and shoes

15 October:
Happy 65th Birthday Tanya Roberts!

5 October:
Tanya Roberts and an omelet prepared by Bond in “A View to a Kill”

28 September:
Tanya Roberts and “That 70s Show” episode with Bond girls

23 September:
“The Moneypenny Diaries: Secret Chapters” now downloadable for free

19 September:
The London Sock Exchange X 007 – New collection released

9 September:
Tanya Roberts and “Legal Tender” movie

31 August:
Tanya Roberts and Don Stroud (Heller in “Licence to Kill”)

17 August:
Tanya Roberts and Bond star Soon Tek-Oh

13 August:
Who is your favourite Bond villain, Tanya Roberts?

2 August:
Tanya Roberts and a cat in “A View to a Kill”

27 July:
Tanya Roberts about her favorite line

21 July:
Tanya Roberts & Hervé Villechaize (Nick Nack in “The Man with the Golden Gun”)

17 July:
Tanya Roberts & Tom Jones

14 June:
Did Tanya Roberts notice any tension between Roger Moore and Grace Jones?

10 June:
Tanya Roberts: “Christopher Walken was a womanizer”

8 June:
Orlebar Brown: The 007 Heritage Collection, third instalment

3 June:
N.Peal Cashmere Collection – Bond Woman

2 June:
007 Travelers asked, Tanya Roberts answered

18 May:
Visit now SPYSCAPE Exhibition for free

31 March:
Filming of “Goldfinger” at Fontainebleau Hotel / Pinewood Studios

22 February:
Magnificent and huge: “Nobody Does It Better”
Mahtiteos 007-faneille: “Nobody Does It Better”

20 February:
007 stamps by Royal Mail

18 February:
Swatch: New James Bond collection

1 January:
Kaksi Bond-leffaa vuosikymmenen toiseksi ja kolmanneksi katsotuimmat elokuvat Suomessa


8 December:
Dame Judi Dench and Sean Bean appear on £20 note

6 December:
Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

24 October:
From N.Peal With Love

13 October:
Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan and other new Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

11 October:
Bollinger releases James Bond themed champagne

5 October:
Global James Bond Day 2019: James Bond quiz

25 September:
Omega Seamaster Diver 300M “James Bond” Limited Edition

15 August:

Submarine car Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me

27 June:
Bond in Motion goes on tour with Formula 1

13 June:
Orlebar Brown 007 Goldfinger Swimshort

6 June:
Orlebar Brown 007 Skyfall Setter Swimshort

19 May:
James Bond Nieminen heittää hattua naulakkoon

13 May:
New Orlebar Brown 007 collection

11 May:
Daniel Craig and Lashana Lynch in Jamaica

20 April:
Bond girl Léa Seydoux with Louis Vuitton’s Dauphine bag

8 April:
Dave Bautista officially retiring from Sports Entertainment

27 March:
Vierailemassa James Bond- teemalla sisustetussa parturissa

18 January:

Bond exhibition in Bochum, Germany (1 February – 31 March 2019)

Bond – näyttely Bochumissa, Saksassa (1. helmikuuta – 31. maaliskuuta 2019)


19 December:

New 007 exhibition coming to New York City

Uusi 007- näyttely tulossa New Yorkiin

17 December:

James Bond driving tour – Aston Martin scenic 007 drive – Swiss Alps & Lake Como / Epikdrives

James Bond – ajelukierros Aston Martinilla 007-maisemissa – Sveitsin alpit & Como-järvi / Epikdrives

29 October:
10th anniversary of Quantum of Solace (29 October 2018)

30 September:
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition with The Best of Bond Car Pack

28 September:
James Bond’s watch could sell for £90,000 at auction on 30 October 2018

22 September:
City-hopping Casino Royale tour

14 July:
James Bond themed Escape Maze: Agent Academy

20 June:
A custom Land Rover driven by James Bond in Spectre for sale

18 June:
007 EXCLUSIVE EDITIONS / Orlebar Brown: Introducing the quintessential James Bond swim series

8 June:
007 Elements exhibition and experience in Sölden, Austria look awesome!

6 June:
GoldenEye: Ian Fleming 110th Anniversary Package available

3 June:
Bond at Bletchley Park: Illustrations and Inspirations

28 May:
Ian Fleming was born 110 years ago (28 May 1908)

27 May:
James Bond Books Guide

15 April:
The launch of Sunspel Ian Fleming collection (17 April 2018)

11 April:
Jaguar Land Rover official partner of 007 ELEMENTS

10 March:
007 Elements opening July 2018

16 February:
Funko Pop: VIDEO: Unboxing James Bond Pop!s!

8 February:
New Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz is “Forever and a Day”


15 December:
Official 007 Vodka Martini: Belvedere and James Bond collaboration

26 October:
Bond film characters will be available as Funko Pop!

24 October:
New display at Bond in Motion

5 October:
Global James Bond Day 05 October (2017)

23 September:
Elements 007: A cinematic James Bond installation in Sölden, Austria

26 July:
007 experience coming to Austria

29 April:
Robert Davi will be awarded

25 April:
Dave Bautista wants a return to the James Bond franchise

15 April:
Coming to a Casino Near You: James Bond Slot Machines

24 March:
James Bond stunt driver races his Subaru WRX STI down an infamous Olympic bobsled run as part of terrifying high speed dare (Including VIDEO)

5 March:
Aston Martin DB11 – The new car of James Bond?

28 February:
50 years of Schilthorn – Piz Gloria special stamps

24 February:
Naomie Harris is made an OBE and talks about Daniel Craig

30 January:
Real-life ‘James Bond Q’ is a woman, MI6 reveals

28 January:
Music (Original score) Nominee for Oscar 2017: Thomas Newman / Passengers

26 January:
Naomie Harris Gets Actress in a Supporting Role Nomination for Oscars 2017


14 December:
James Bond’s Gadget Maker Also Makes Virtual Reality Glasses

19 November:
James Bond wears N.Peal

13 November:
TV alert in Finland: Skyfall by Johanna Försti

8 November:
Which Bond is the baddest?

2 November:
MI6 hiring 1,000 new staff but the greatest spy character in fiction, James Bond, would never get a job in the real-life MI6

1 November:
007 Hotel is “LUXURY HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2017”

22 October:
Tappaako Tallium – myrkky?

18 October:
Goldfinger’s ejector seat stunt – is it possible?

16 October:
Moonraker’s Airborne fight and soft landing – is it possible?

12 October:
All six James Bond figures now in Madame Tussauds, Berlin, Germany

10 October:
Is Goldfinger’s electrocution of Odd Job possible?

6 October:
Live and Let Die’s Crocodile jumping – is it possible?

5 October:
Global James Bond Day

4 October:
Goldfinger’s use of Odd Job’s hat trick – is it possible?

2 October:
Bond hotel won: Hotel Schweizerhof Bern World Travel Awards

1 October:
ASTON MARTIN DB5 – Everything you need to know about 007’s iconic car

30 September:
Is The Living Daylights’ cello case sled scene possible?

14 September:
Bond girl Léa Seydoux’s big announcement

21 August:
Who is your favourite Blofeld?

18 August:
Young Bond: Strike Lightning trailer

6 August:
TV alert in Finland: American Restoration / Lotus Esprit

3 August:
Drive Another Day – Bond Cars Through the Ages

22 July:
Myytinmurtajat ja James Bond

21 July:
James Bond miniseries “Hammerhead”

14 July:
Diamonds Are Foverer filming location Elrod House sold

13 May:
Steve Cole’s third “Young Bond” book title is…

13 May:
Bond girl Michelle Yeoh in Helsinki, Finland

22 March:
Charity World Premiere of “A BOND FOR LIFE” raises 2.500 Euros for UNICEF

27 February:
Mark Knopfler and Peter Frampton / James Bond theme songs

25 February:
James Bond – sarjakuva VARGR


8 December:
James Bond & Jean Sibelius

1 December:
The audience of Bond movies in Finland

18 November:
James Bond Ultimate Sticker Collection

17 November:

12 November:
Bond look and James Bond quiz

10 November:
Map of James Bond Filming Locations / Daniel Craig

18 October:


15 October:
VIDEO: Bond wax works unveiled ahead of Spectre release

13 October:
New Young Bond book title is “Heads You Die” by Steve Cole

10 October:
How to be a Bond Girl / VIDEO: Léa Seydoux

5 October:
Global James Bond Day

3 October:
VIDEO: First Free-to-Play Mobile Game in the History of Bond Franchise now AVAILABLE

Interview with Bond By Design author Meg Simmonds

29 September:
007 Travelers review of “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond”

007 Travelersin arvio kirjasta “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond”

19 September:
Pre-register for James Bond: World of Espionage

15 September:
007 Travelers met SPECTRE A ROMA author Marco Donna

14 September:
VIDEO: Made for Bond 2015 advert with Miss Moneypenny

4 September:
Aston Martin Limited edition DB9 GT Bond Edition

2 September:
The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond by Mark Mason

27 August:
Bond By Design: The Art of the James Bond Films

20 August:
Madame Tussauds London bringing together ALL SIX James Bonds in wax

17 July:
Bond Blu-ray & DVD Announcement

13 July:
James Bond in Helsinki, Finland in “VARGR”

12 July:
Great news about Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style Exhibition!

3 June:
Announcement: Some Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films

28 May:
Bond author Anthony Horowitz’s new Bond book title revealed

25 May:
PRESS RELEASE: Teaser Trailer & Teaser Poster for “A Bond For Life” released

17 March:
How to make a dry martini the Roger Moore way

9 February:
VIDEO: Spectre-acular Bond girls