These 007 foods are either self-made by us or eaten in the restaurants. These foods can be seen in the James Bond movies, or they have been mentioned in the 007 books (except “007 Bond burger“, “007 Burger with French fries“, “007: Medium size popcorn and large drink” “Bollinger Spectre 007 – menu“,  “James Bond Menu”, “James Bond spaghetti” and “Porridge with honey”, which is Roger Moore related). Try them yourself, enjoy!

007 Bond burger

007 Burger with French fries

007: Medium size popcorn and large drink

A bowl of chile con queso and the enchiladas

A carafe of Barolo and spaghetti amatriciana

A dinner of scrambled eggs and three large bourbons

A feast of fresh scrambled eggs, a plate of assorted fruit, and yoghurt

A ham and cheese sandwich with a dry martini

A lunch of rice, corn and beans

A meal of beans, rice, tortillas and fiery chillies

A pint of Jack Daniels and a double portion of eggs Benedict

A portion of lasagne and a glass of Valpolicella and an espresso

A rare sirloin steak with a tomato and shallot salad

A simple plate of steak, rice and salad

A slice of pork pie
Pala lihapiirakkaa (in Finnish)

A steak sandwich with eggs sunny-side up

A tray of food and drink

A vast tough stake with some French fries

An omelette fines herbes with whisky

Beans and cold tortillas

Beef Wellington, new potatoes, asparagus and beets

Beluga caviar and Stolichnaya vodka

Black coffee and an omelette

Bollinger Spectre 007 – menu

Bond’s breakfast: Scrambled eggs and coffee

Bond’s dinner at Hotel Falcon in Thun, Switzerland

Bowls of oatmeal

Bowl of udon

Bowls of udon and hot broth mixed with fried soybean curd

Bread, sausage, cheese and vodka

Breakfast of Bond: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and marmalade

Breakfast of eggs and yogurt

Breakfast with bread, pastries, eggs, ham and cheese

Brunch with the kipper and kedgeree

Buttered rye toast and scrambled eggs

Caviar, whisky, roast duck with pomegranate seeds and herb salad

Cheese sandwiches with slices of apple

Chicken curry with rice, served with bottled sparkling water

Chicken stew, a grey gummy pasty, a pile of old peas and watery cooked potatoes

Chipped plate with a wedge of pork pie, two slices of hard, dry bread and a lump of stale cheese on it

Chopped hard-boiled-eggs, with a cream and cheese sauce laced with English mustard

Clicquot Rosé and Beluga caviar

Club sandwich

Cold American beer, a dry martini, Beluga caviar and iced neat vodka

Croissant, marmalade and coffee

Curry chicken in Indian style with a mouthful of red wine

Dhal bhati

Dinner in “The Man from Barbarossa”

Eggs, smoked salmon and coffee

Fillet of milk-fed veal and rice with vegetables and Parmesan cheese

Fine Japanese meal and Ginjo sake

Fish soup

Fish soup made with plenty of lemon-juice, and half a dozen each of the admirable little quail-sized birds

Fish stew, beans and rice

Fresh bread and goat cheese with red wine

Fried eggs and sausages

Greek salad with bread and cheese and Taittinger Champagne

Grilled fish and rice with home-made ice-cream and piles of sliced mango and papaya

Grouse and pink champagne

Half-rotten fruit and a sack of dry biscuits that had gone saggy

Hot chocolate and bread rolls

Huevos rancheros and tamales

“James Bond” Menu

“James Bond” spaghetti

Karelian hot pot / stew

Light breakfast of eggs and toast

Lunch of caviar and a grilled chicken kebab with a jug of iced vodka martini

“Midsummer Night’s Doom” dinner

Mixed green salad and quenelles de brochet fraîches à la crème d’étrilles

Mixto, a Cuban sandwich

Oeufs Benedict and strawberries with Vodka Martini

Old chewy beef and watery potatoes as well as slimy pile of greyish beans

Onion bhajjis, Lamb Korma with Bombay potatoes, chapatis and a mix of relishes ranging from mango chutney to cucumber raita, finishing with plates of sticky sweet Jalebi

Orange juice, an overcooked omelette and watery coffee

Pâté Maison, Oeufs Gloria and cheese tray

Patlican Kebabi

Picnic meal

Pie, cold meats and salad

Pilchards, beans, tomatoes, peas, peaches, pear halves

Pork and sherry

Porridge with honey

Roast beef, new potatoes and fresh peas with white wine and coffee

Roasted chicken with steamed carrots, potatoes and spring greens with apple pie

Salad by P.J. Clark, cold pheasant, strawberries and cream with champagne

Salads, omelette, lentil soup, tamale casserole, and ropa vieja

Salade Nicoise

Scrambled eggs “James Bond”

Scrambled eggs, orange juice and vanilla yogurt

Scrambled eggs with American hickory-smoked bacon, toast and coffee

Scrambled eggs with coffee

Scrambled eggs with tomato juice

Smoked herring, dark bread and coffee

Smoked salmon, black caviar, unnamed native fish in a cream sauce, and a “poulet suprême”

Soup, black bread, tea and stew

Soup followed be spicy German sausage

Soup with noodles, Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel

Steak and fries

Sushi breakfast

Tama, a nepali soup

Tamales with hot Cuban bread, several glasses of rum

The grilled sole and the bottle of Blanc du Blanc

The roast fowl, cold meats and seafood

Thin, crispy pizzas with a bottle of local red wine

Toast with anchovies

Traditional dhal bhat, a lentil soup over rice

Two cups of coffee, one egg and slices of toasts with Cooper’s Vintage marmalade

Two omelettes and fries and a bottle of champagne

Two thick slices of wholewheat bread, with the finest butter and Tiptree Little Scarlet jam

Vodka martinis, caviar, cutlets accompanied by asparagus with mousseline sauce, pink champagne and creme de menthe