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We are Pirita and Mika, James Bond experts and enthusiastics and we have Finland´s first and biggest 007 website.

We write 007 travel stories, visit James Bond filming and book locations. We also introduce 007 hotels and 007 restaurants. One of our missions is to increase knowledge about James Bond in the world, especially in Finland.

We do reports of 007 events as well as introduce companies/products/services at the same time. We provide traveling guidance and tips. We can help you to plan your Bond location trip. You can also ask our 007 expertise with some Bond items for your events.


We started 007 traveling and location hunting in 2010, when we met each other. Our first trip was to Karlovy Vary where Casino Royale has partly been filmed. We always document our trips, we have several photo albums, scrap books and files, and earlier we wrote our travel stories on social media. One day somebody suggested that we should set up a blog, which we did in 2013. We write now in Finnish and in English. Also in 2013 we came up with this name: 007 Travelers.


Information and questionsinfo@007travelers.com

Media and interview requestsmedia@007travelers.com

Co-operation, introductions and event bookingbook@007travelers.com



  • John Murphy says:

    Hello. I am a big Bond fan. Loved the new movie. Casino Royale is my favourite! Where is the airport which is used in Casino Royale? Are there any Bond clubs in Cork, Ireland? John

    • Hello John.

      Thank you for your comment. In Casino Royale they actually used three different airport to film the scene. Most part were filmed in Ruzyne International Airport in Ruzyne, Prague, Czech Republic where Bond follows terrorist Carlos. Action scenes were mostly filmed in Dunsfold Park Aerodome in Dunsfold Park, Dunsfold, Surrey, England and some additional scenes also in Nassau International Airport in Nassau, New Providence Island, The Bahamas. You can read more about filming Casino Royale in Czech Republic from our 007 Travel story here:

      We don’t know if there are any Bond fan clubs in Cork, but at least in Ireland there is “The Irish James Bond fan club and JBR Ireland”. Their Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IRISHJAMESBOND/

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