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21 July 2022

Molemmat James Bond- Triumphit ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa (007 Travelers yhteistyökumppanina)

26 November 2021
IMDb: Licence to Deliver (2020 video): 007 Travelers in Miscellaneous Sites

13 October 2021
James Bond- taidenäyttely Kristiinankaupungissa (007 Travelers mainittu videossa)

12 October 2021
Ralph Fiennes Facebook page shared post of 007 Travelers

5 January 2021

A tweet of 007 Travelers in popculture.com
(Tanya Roberts Dead: Fans Pay Tribute to “Bond” Girl and “That 70s Show” Star After Bizarre Whirlwind)


2 January 2021

A tweet of 007 Travelers in cheatsheet.com
(The Devastating Reason Tanya Roberts Left “That 70s Show” After Season 3)

9 June 2018

007 Travelers on The Western Journal webpage
“First Bond Girl Passes Away at Age 90. Helped Calm Sean Connery To Deliver Infamous Line”

11 November 2017

Rules restaurant retweeted 007 Travelers tweet on Twitter (screenshot from Rules restaurant’s webpage)

21 September 2016

Suomen kellomuseo (The finnish museum of horology) shared 007 Travelers article on Facebook

4 January 2016

SPECTRE actress Brigitte Millar shared 007 Travelers article on Facebook

6 May 2015

SPECTRE actor Pezhmaan Alinia retweeted 007 Travelers tweet on Twitter

25 April 2015

SPECTRE actor Nigel Barber shared 007 Travelers article on Facebook

13 January 2015

Tweets of 007 Travelers in Storify By Tirolere Tageszeitung Online
(On the trail of 007 in Sölden)

10 January 2015

A tweet of 007 Travelers in shz.de
(SPECTRE filming: James Bond closes ski slopes in the Alps)

9 February 2015
Three tweets of 007 Travelers in Rob Vegas.de
(What Twitter knows about James Bond?)

8 January 2015

A tweet of 007 Travelers in oe24.at
(SPECTRE crew moves to Sölden)

7 January 2015
A tweet of 007 Travelers in Heute.at
(James Bond gave autographs after the shooting)

7 January 2015
Links to 007 Travelers pages
inside the story of ausztriaimunkak.hu (whole story)

See more here:
sereglők fényképezzék (Fans in Altaussee)
itt láthatóak felvételek (Behind the scenes photos)

5 January 2015
A tweet of 007 Travelers in Kleine Zeitung.at
(Daniel Craig: “The amount of snow is beautiful!” )

007 Travelers in Sweetest News Suomi
“Sweetest News näyttää päivän mehevimmät uutiset, joista kaikki puhuvat!”
“Sweetest News shows the most juiciest news of the day, which everybody talks!”

17 December 2014
Urlaubsguru.de/Reisemagazin (James Bond comes to Austria)