Welcome back, Mr. Bond!

Welcome back, Mr. Bond!

January 15, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

What: “SPECTRE” filming: Daniel Craig in action (SPOILERS INCLUDED)
Where: Obertilliach, Austria
When: 15 January 2015

Source: oe24.at
Photos: APA

A broken wooden hut, black aircraft, loud gun sounds, rising smoke and Daniel Craig with a gun in his hand. That can only mean one thing: the shootings of the new James Bond film in Obertilliach are fully going on! Finally, there are some new pictures from the set and they look very promising.

And action!
According to eyewitnesses, in the scene of simulated crash, the armed Bond was seen as he jumped out of the wreck and ran a gun in his hand. The scene was filmed near the wooden house – The “James Bond House”, which has been built for “SPECTRE” movie.

In addition to the simulated plane crash, exciting chase scenes are planned on the snowy slopes. A total of four action scenes in Obertilliach are included. Daniel Craig will probably stay in the village until 16 January 2015. On Thursday it has been foggy weather and it is expected to have worse weather on Friday in Obertilliach.

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