Two new actors join “SPECTRE” cast

Two new actors join “SPECTRE” cast

March 25, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
Gjevat Kelmendi

Two new actors join “SPECTRE” (2015) cast. 

Gjevat Kelmendi
as Spanish Boss.
Born: 27 February 1971, in Peja, Kosovo, Yugoslavia

“Gjevat Kelmendi (aka Kel) is a actor who moved to the UK in 1997 A self-confessed gym enthusiast, Kel takes a serious approach to training and spends 5 days a week in the gym. A long-standing member of the Harley Davidson Riders Club, Kel spends his free time indulging his passion for motorcycling. With a thirst for sports and the art of shooting, Kel is also a member of the London Rifle Shooting Club”.
He is known for his role as Rezar Kabashi in “Hyena” (2014)
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Filip Dordievski

Filip Dordievski as Ukrainian Hitman
Born: 30 April 1990, in Zagreb, Croatia
Trade Mark:
His characters often die on screen
Often plays criminals
Likes to have beard on his characters

Has bachelors degree in business economics
Wanted to become Formula 1 driver when he was young
Considers himself an adrenaline junkie and loves traveling
Big fan of soccer, Formula 1 and tennis
Considers Ayrton Senna his biggest role model

He is known for:
What Goes Around, Comes Around” (Short) as Bag Finder (2012)
The Wolf of Wall Street as Stratton Broker” (uncredited) (2013)
Undo” (Short) as Getaway driver (2014)
Let’s Get Down to Business” (Video short) as Don Felipe (2014)
Rapid Eye Movement” (Short) as Dreamer killer (2014)
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