The conditions of “SPECTRE” locations in Rome at the moment (SPOILER WARNING)

The conditions of “SPECTRE” locations in Rome at the moment (SPOILER WARNING)

February 1, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

007 Travelers got a link to this report and photos from The Association Bastacartelloni – Francesco Fiori fights against all forms of degradation and wants a better Rome.
Thank you for the alert.

Source and photos: BASTACARTELLONI.IT


Rome will be one of the “SPECTRE” (2015) filming locations and there will be filmed chases and James Bond will land by a parachute on the historical Ponte Sisto bridge. The scene will be very complex and the area will be closed to everyone from sunset to dawn. It will take 5 days to prepare the set and 2 days to restore the area to normal again.

However, Rome as a “SPECTRE” filming location has faced many problems:

1. Planned car chase between the Aston Martin and Jaguar near Four Fountains in Rome, Italy might need some changes in “SPECTRE“, because cultural heritage officials of Rome are afraid that fountains are too fragile and might be damaged during the filming.
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2. Ponte Sisto bridge is supposed to be a “SPECTRE” filming location including a helicopter stunt, but the producers may now have to find a new spot for filming because the bridge is very special and significant due to its links to Pope Innocent X. Filming at the bridge has made the religious campaigners furious and they are protesting.
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3. And now: historical and beautiful Rome and its “SPECTRE” locations are covered with graffitis and tags. At the moment the expected filming locations are not exactly like in postcards. If the conditions remain as they are at the moment and as Bastacartelloni has documented, the Association hopes that night shootings will mask the unspeakable degradation that they found.

  Let´s start from the Ponte Sisto and its degradation:

Views from Trastevere: at the top of the Tiber and Via Giulia Vallati

The new tags which was left by the vandals
who defaced the fountain of Piazza Trilussa

Piazza Trilussa, place where the “SPECTRE” crew
will be shooting in Ponte Sisto

The docks in Piazza Trilussa

The scene of parachute landing on Ponte Sisto begins with a car chase on the Tiber Farnesina. Here are the conditions a few days ago:

“Possibly knowing for months the dates of filming, Rome Capitale has not yet cleaned the location of the film? There must have had enough time to clean the walls. The mayor, the president of the region and the culture minister will not possibly want this to be the view while filming of “SPECTRE“?”, says The Association Bastacartelloni.

As you read the article, complaints about the conditions have already been delivered  forward by The Association Bastacartelloni.

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