Summary of “SPECTRE” shootings in Altaussee on 6th of January 2015

Summary of “SPECTRE” shootings in Altaussee on 6th of January 2015

January 6, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

What: Second shooting day of “SPECTRE” (2015) in Austria
Where: Altaussee, Austria
When: 6 January 2015


Hotel Seevilla
Photo: ARF


15.19: Soon the second day of shooting “SPECTRE” is going to be over.
On Monday it was over shortly after 16.30 because it was too dark.

13.18: The crew and the cast need to eat. Yesterday there was Weckerln´s Lentil stew and warm tea. Daniel Craig has been catered in Hotel Seevilla.

12.50: It is said that today some scenes are repeated, since they did not work out perfectly yesterday.

12.37: Fire department boats can be seen on the lake.

Photo: APA

11.44: The hunting lodge shootings today. That was not possible yesterday because of the heavy snowfall.

10.43: More curious people are expected to be around and trying to watch the shootings since the weather is good.

9.43: Explosions are not expected today. Tomorrow the film crew will continue to direction of Sölden.

9.30: The weather is better than yesterday. Sunshine and a quite pleasant temperature.

Photo: APA

6.30: Daniel Craig was flown at 6.30 on the set on the lake by helicopter. He was later seen on a Plätte, a wooden boat.

Photo: APA

4.30: Today started already very early. Even at 4.30 the first crew members were on the set. It is time to catch up because yesterday’s shooting started late due to bad weather.

Photo: ARF

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