“SPECTRE” stunts not allowed near Four Fountains (The Quattro Fontane) in Rome, Italy?

Planned car chase between the Aston Martin and Jaguar near Four Fountains in Rome, Italy might need some changes in “SPECTRE” (2015), because cultural heritage officials of Rome are afraid that fountains are too fragile and might be damaged during the filming.


“We have asked the producers not to film there but instead to create the sequence with special effects in post-production. At the moment the scene has been suspended, and we’re waiting for the producers to tell us how they intend to resolve the problem.”, says cultural heritage official Federica Galloni.

Filming of “SPECTRE” (2015), which stars Daniel Craig as 007, is expected to move to Rome on 19 February and to last for about five weeks. 

The filming is also supposed to happen at least in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Lungo Tevere as well as Borgo Vittorio and Ponte Sisto. Royal Palace of Caserta is also mentioned in some reports. Palace is located in Campania, outside of Rome.

Source: The Telegraph

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