“SPECTRE” filming starting on the second half of March 2015 in Mexico

Photo: 007 Travelers

Filming in Mexico will start after 15th of March 2015. 

Outside of Hermanos Soler Theatre in El Parque de los Venados, Mexico City, Mexico, 18 people are working overtime to find extras for James Bond film “SPECTRE” (2015), starring Daniel Craig.

The final filtering is going to happen next week when the production team travels from London to Mexico City to choose those extras who will get a part in the film.

Director of casting, Julio Toledo says: “We are looking for Mexicans of all types, from all social classes, all size of people and all kind of skin color groups” 

Participants are expected to be available in the second half of March, when Daniel Craig and the crew will start filming the movie in Mexico. “Before that there will be more things to do like costume tests,” Julio said. He has been responsible for recruiting extras in Mexico for movies like “Troy”, “Get the Gringo”, “Dragon Ball Z” and “Elysium”.


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