“SPECTRE” filming locations and details in Rome, Italy

“SPECTRE” filming locations and details in Rome, Italy

January 12, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

James Bond and “SPECTRE” (2015) crew arrive in Rome (SPOILERS included)

Daniel Craig and Ponte Sisto

Thank you our good friend in Rome for the alert!

According to Il Messaggero, (An article 10 January 2015) The Roman locations which have been already selected, have obtained the approval of Ministry of culture and Soprintendenza of Arts after months of location negotiations with local authorities. Filming is from 19 February to 12 March 2015.

A high-speed night-time car chase through the narrow streets around the Vatican will be included. What else? See it here:

It seems that Bond could pass under Porta San Pancrazio, which is usually closed. After that the Bond’s car should continue to run in Garibaldi street in front of the Garibaldi museum, some changes could happen there because in the past day a pine tree fell and broke the wall of the museum.

Scalo De Pinedo

James Bond will start his Roman tour in the very city centre from the Theatre of Marcellus – Teatro di Marcello (known also as Little Colosseum), at the dawn. Then the chase will continue to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and thanks to the cinematic fiction, then continues in Via Nomentana, physically far from the centre. In Via Quattro Novembre Bond’ s car will hit a row of scooters. Then downhill to Via Panisperna and in Borgo Vittorio. In Via degli Ombrellari Bond makes the car jump over a parked car. In Via della Conciliazione (in front of St. Peter’s Basilica) the car goes under the historical “passetto”, the secret passage between St. Peter and Castel Sant ´Angelo used by Popes to escape. Then a long drive near the Tiber River (Tevere, in Italian) up to Scalo De Pinedo (fluvia le port De Pinedo) where the cars run close to the waters. A car falls down into the river.

Scalo De Pinedo marked on the map
Via della Conciliazione
Il Passetto
Castel Sant ´Angelo

The main scene in Rome will be filmed in Sisto Bridge (Ponte Sisto). The day, or better the night, is estimated to be the 12 of March. James Bond will land by a parachute on the historical bridge. The scene will be very complex and the area will be closed to everyone from sunset to dawn. It will take 5 days to prepare the set and 2 days to restore the area to normal again. In Piazza Trilussa two giant cranes of 90 and 200 tons will be placed near river for the scenes of the cars flown into the river.

All electrical equipment will be placed along Lungotevere (the road along the Tiber river). The Electric Society of Rome (ACEA) will add extra lights in the area of the set and will light the walls of the Tiber.

A last minute approval of the artistic authorities gives the possibility to film inside the ancient Villa Fiorano, which is located in the old Via Appia. There is a danger that the ancient Via Appia might not handle the weight of the equipment.

One scene will be also filmed in the historical Rome cemetery of Verano.

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