“SPECTRE” crew spotted at Blenheim Palace (SPOILER WARNING)

“SPECTRE” crew spotted at Blenheim Palace (SPOILER WARNING)

February 11, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

What: Crew members of “SPECTRE” (2015) spotted
Where: At Blenheim palace
When: 9 February 2015

Source and photos: Bond Miscellany
(See more pics and a great story behind the photos here)

Thanks for the alert: James Bond Club Deutschland – News

SPECTRE” crew members at the Blenheim Palace (SPOILER WARNING)

Special Effects miracle worker Chris Corbould
Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell

Expensive cars with Italian ROMA Registration Plates


The lighting rigs being lifted

An orange glow over the Blenheim Palace creates 
the effect of a Roman Summer Sunset

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