“SPECTRE” preparations continue in Obertilliach, Austria

“SPECTRE” preparations continue in Obertilliach, Austria

January 14, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

What: “SPECTRE” (2015) filming preparations continue (SPOILERS included)
Where: Obertilliach, Austria
When: 14 January 2015

Tiroler Tageszeitung

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In the morning, four men with the ropes were working on the roof of the house, 
two more men worked at the entrance of the house
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The preparations for the upcoming James Bond film in Obertilliach go into the final phase. On Wednesday snow was delivered to the town center and also the special constructed house has been built.

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The newly created hole in the center of the house is obvious. Security personnel and fences keep away the photographers from the filming location in Obertilliach.

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According to an insider, they have prepared the structure for the scene of a plane crash. A big hole was made in the middle of the house was built during Monday and Tuesday. 

The airplane was covered
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There was also a Land Rover on its roof on the set.

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There will be a plane crash scene and also several explosion scenes in Obertilliach. A pyrotechnician has been on-site since December and has repeatedly done test blasts.

Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould arrived at the filming set today afternoon.

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Chris Corbould
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On Wednesday morning it is quiet in Obertilliach. “There’s not much going on,” is heard from the community. There is no trace of nervousness. Nevertheless – production assistant is eagerly working on the final preparations.

They will film also in the center of Obertilliach, but there is not so much snow at the moment, which is not usual in the high mountain village, but the snow cannons do a good job.

Currently, there is sunny in the district of Lienz, but in the coming days, the weather is about to change. “Anyway, it would be desirable to have bad weather and snow for some scenes,” revealed the insider to tt.com.

What exactly will happen in Obertilliach, should remain a closely guarded secret. As the TT already reported, all participants had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Breaking the contract will have heavy consequences. Even mobiles phones will be removed from the extras, so nothing will leak outside.

Further preparations on Wednesday morning
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