More cast members of SPECTRE

More cast members of SPECTRE

November 26, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

The following actors and actresses are also cast of “SPECTRE” (2015).

Source and photos:

Ziad Abaza as Train Barman

Gediminas Adomaitis as Oberhauser’s Right Hand Man

Joseph Balderrama as Head of Nations #7

Stephane Cornicard as Head of Nations #3

Marianna Dean as MI6 Officer (uncredited)

Judi Dench as M (Barbara Mawdsley) (uncredited)

Nader Dernaika as Oberhauser’s Analyst

Tenoch Huerta as Mexican Man in Lift

Sid Man as Boss – Palazzo Meeting (uncredited)

Oleg Mirochnikov as Valerian

Clem So as Spectre Crime Boss (uncredited)

Sadao Ueda as Head of Nations #5

Umit Ulgen as Train Guard

And also:

Francesco Arca as Francesco
Francis Attakpah as Snowboarder #3
Richard Banham as Oberhauser’s London Helicopter Pilot
Mark Baxter as Business Professional (uncredited)
Adel Bencherif as Abrika
Marlon Boess as Snowboarder #5
Ian Bonar as Q’s Assistant
Pip Carter as SC019 Police Commander
Stefano Elfi DiClaudia as Gallo’s Accomplice #2
Lili Epply as Snowboarder #7
Marie Fee Wohlmuth as Snowboarder #6
Domenico Fortunato as Gallo

Konstantin Gerlach as Snowboarder #8
Bunmi Hazzan as Oberhauser Guard (uncredited)
Noemi Krausz as Snowboarder #1
Peppe Lanzetta as Lorenzo
Philip Law as Head of Nations #6
Simon Lenagan as SC019 Police Officer
Sergio Mariano as Paper Groom (uncredited)
Martyn Mayger as London Passerby (uncredited)
Adam McGrady as Oberhauser’s Waiter
Miloud Mourad Benamara as Street Sweeper
Walid Mumuni as Oberhauser’s Chauffeur

Patrice Naiambana as Head of Nations #2

Adriana Paz as Mexican Woman in Lift

Noah Saavedra as Snowboarder #2
Benito Sagredo as Guerra
Antonio Salines as Fiat Driver
Linus Scheithauer as Oberhauser Staff (uncredited)
Gido Schimanski as Chairman
Dai Tabuchi as Businessman #1
Matteo Taranto as Marco
Michael White as Oberhauser’s Butler
Tam Williams as Moneypenny’s Boyfriend
Gregg Wilson as Man talking to C After Meeting (uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson as Man talking to C After Meeting (uncredited)
Sargon Yelda as Businessman #3
Marco Zingaro as Gallo’s Accomplice #1

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