Christoph Waltz in Tangier, Morocco for “SPECTRE”

Christoph Waltz in Tangier, Morocco for “SPECTRE”

June 22, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

SPECTRE” (2015) star Christoph Waltz is in Tangier, Morocco.

Source and photos: Paul Brichet /Tanger Experience
Filming places in the Kasbah are repainted, redecorated, furnished, accessorized and Moroccan extras hired.

In Tangier, the shooting took place on June 20 in the Palace of Abdeslam Akaaboune which has been converted into hotel “The American”. The pharmacy has become a cafeteria, all buildings have been painted with all the decorum. On 21 June 2015 the shooting took place close to the hotel Minzah.
Due to confidentiality agreement, lips are sealed. However it is said that many hotels have accommodation for the cast and crew. Hotel Minzah for Christoph Waltz, Mövenpick, Villa Josephine for Daniel Craig and the Bond girl. It is the Ramadan period but the restaurants that are open have reserved alcohol.

Rémi Tulloue, Christoph Waltz and Philippe Morin at the Tangier restaurant Ocean
on Saturday 20 June 2015


Lots of production trucks are parked in the vicinity of shooting locations. They carry electrical generators for the lighting, cameras, tents, sets, and costumes.

The palace turned into Hotel Akaaboune “The American”. The security prevents taking pictures.

At the bottom of the house was located the famous coffee shop Dahlia that was repainted for the filming purposes. 

Left Café Dahlia painted by the Irishman Colin Watson.

The Pharmacy instead was transformed into a coffee shop / bistro for the film and the facade of the house was aged.
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