Bond Meets World

Bond Meets World

October 18, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

Life in the real world can be tough when you’re James Bond 007…

Bond Meets World is a sketch show that follows a crotchety, middle-aged, Connery-esque James Bond as he struggles to deal with mundane situations you would never normally see that character in.

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His most challenging mission is… life!
Have you ever wondered what James Bond gets up to on his days off? How does a suave super spy who never breaks a sweat when he’s dodging deadly lasers or ski parachuting off mountains cope with the mundane chores of everyday life?


Watch the pilot episode of Bond Meets World campaign´s animated parody web series to see the world’s greatest secret agent come hilariously unstuck as he battles dastardly real world super villains including: supermarket self-service check out machines, impertinent hairstylists and faulty wifi. The results will leave our hero shaken with rage and stirred with embarrassment!

 You can watch the pilot episode here:

Join the secret service!

If you like Bond Meets World campaign´s pilot episode please help fund their campaign so they can produce a further five episodes to create the first full season of Bond Meets World!

Here is a breakdown of how their funding target will be spent:

With your help Bond Meets World campaign can boost their creative team by hiring more talented animators and actors to make Bond’s struggles with the real world as funny as possible and complete further episodes extra speedily!

Even if they don’t reach their entire funding goal every penny they receive will go to creating new episodes of Bond Meets World and, likewise, if you crowd funders are awesome enough to help us exceed their goal all funds will go towards creating even more embarrassing adventures for their intrepid hero!

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A View To A Disclaimer!
This cartoon is a parody made under the practices of Fair Use, Bond Meets World campaign is in no way connected to the EON Productions official James Bond series, but please do go to watch the new Bond film SPECTRE (2015) at the cinema because it looks amazing!