Agent alarm in the Alps! “SPECTRE” shooting continues

Agent alarm in the Alps! “SPECTRE” shooting continues

December 13, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers

Here is the report from the “BILD-Agent”: “On the first day a plane flew over our heads in the Rettenbach glacier. At first I had wondered it, but I was informed that filming would take place. I’m a huge James Bond fan, so it was a really nice holiday surprise.”

The Bond film crew is around the aircraft mock-up.
The scene on the Tiefenbach glacier had to be repeated several times
Photo: “BILD-Agent”

He continued: “On the second day they filmed on the Tiefenbach glacier. There was a dummy aircraft. In the scene three men got out of the plane. Scene had to be repeated several times. Unfortunately, I could not tell if James Bond was also there.”

The “SPECTRE” (2015) film crew was said to have about 12 vehicles. A ski slope and the alpine road to the glaciers were completely blocked.

“There was a lot of security. It was hard to take pictures, because everything was closed. I was just lucky”.

Source: BILD
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