007 Hotel: Mandarin Oriental Geneva (formerly known as Hotel du Rhône)


Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Address: Quai Turrettini 1
Bond book appearance: “COLD” (1996)
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2014

With a peaceful setting blending breathtaking mountain backdrops with stunning lakeside vistas, Mandarin Oriental, Geneva is a five-star hotel with classic Swiss charm. Combining luxury, style and unbeatable service, it is the perfect city retreat.

Just minutes from the city’s major attractions, this five-star hotel exudes luxury with 162 elegant rooms, 27 spacious suites, a choice of excellent dining and a peaceful riverside setting in one of Europe’s greatest cities.

Mika & Pirita / 007 Travelers

“The Hotel du Rhône in Geneva is beautifully situated close to the lake.”

“Bond ordered coffee to be sent up to room 504, and, while they waited for it, Beatrice went first to the ornamental bedhead, then to one of the large lamps which looked as though it had been fashioned from a stone jar.”

John Gardner: “COLD

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