007 Food: Porridge with honey

Food: Porridge with honey
007 Connection: Sir Roger Moore enjoyed porridge with honey as breakfast in Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, Helsinki, Finland (in room 431)
Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

Porridge (also spelled porage, porrige, parritch, etc.) is a dish made by boiling ground, crushed, or chopped cereal in water, milk, or both, with optional flavourings, usually served hot in a bowl or dish. It may be sweetened with sugar or served as a savoury dish. The term is usually used for oat porridge (porridge oats); there are similar dishes made with other grains or legumes, but they often have other unique names, such as polenta, grits or kasha.

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Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, Helsinki, Finland

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