007 Food: “James Bond” menu in Hotel Alpenruh Mürren, Switzerland

Food: James Bond Menu
Experience of 007 Travelers: Hotel Alpenruh Mürren, Switzerland in July 2014.

“That was my idea (James Bond Menu) and our chef Oliver Jensen created it. The idea became because of the Bond World 007.”

Urs Brotschi, Hotel Manager, Hotel Alpenruh


Beef carpaccio with chipped cheese and rock salt 
(Small eatable diamonds made of rock salt).

“Diamonds Are Forever”


Tasty onion-red wine soup with pieces of herbs bread 
(The chef needs some solace while cutting the onions).

“Quantum of Solace”


Grilled pork filet “Stroganoff” on a bell pepper sauce with mushrooms and pickles served with mashed potatoes and glazed big beans 
(Named after the Russian noble family Stroganoff).

“From Russia with Love”


Strawberry yogurt foam on a kiwi tatar 
(Fall out of the sky with this dreamlike light dessert)


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