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007 Event: TCM Classic Film Festival Hollywood 2015 (26-29 March 2015)

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

What: TCM Classic Film Festival Hollywood 2015

Where: Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

When: 26-29 March 2015

Price: Individual tickets are $20 for most screenings and events

Held over four days in the heart of Hollywood, the TCM Classic Film Festival is a place where movie lovers from around the world can gather to experience classic movies as they were meant to be experienced: on the big screen, in some of the world’s most iconic venues, with the people who made them. Moreover, the TCM Classic Film Festival strives to be a place where a community of movie fans of all ages can share their love of classic movies with each other, make new friends and see films as they are seldom seen today.

In keeping with TCM tradition, all Festival screenings include special introductions to provide context about each film.

Special appearance by:
George Lazenby

Special screening of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) during the festival.

Also during the festival screenings of two Sean Connery movies:

The Man Who Would Be King” (1975) and
The Wind and the Lion” (1975)

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