Did Tanya Roberts notice any tension between Roger Moore and Grace Jones?

“Live chat with Tanya Roberts” on 13th of June 2020: 007 Travelers asked Tanya Roberts (Stacey Sutton in “A View to a Kill“, 1985) did she notice any tension between

007 Event: James Bond Sundays: A View to a Kill / Q&A with Carole Ashby (1 September 2019)

What: A View to a Kill / Q&A with Carole Ashby Where: The Regent Street Cinema, 307 Regent Street, London, England When: 1 September 2019 at 14.40 Carole Ashby played the

Other Bond girls

Bond girls: Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus Pilots 007 Film: Goldfinger (1963)Actresses: Maggie Wright (Air Squadron Leader), Aleta Morrison, Jane Holland, Jane Murdoch, Maise Farrell, Caron Gardner and Lesley Hill Photo © EON, United