007 Book location: John F. Kennedy Airport / several books

Bond books: Live And Let Die (1954), Diamonds Are Forever (1956), Goldfinger (1959), “007 in New York” (1964), For Special Services (1982), “Blast from the Past” (1997) Place and location in the book: John

007 Drink: Taittinger Champagne

  Drink: Taittinger Champagne Bond movie appearance: From Russia with Love Bond book appearance: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 007 in New York, James Bond the Spy Who Loved Me,

007 Restaurant: The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, New York, USA

THE GRAND CENTRAL OYSTER BAR & RESTAURANT Location: New York, USA Address: Lower Level, Grand Central Terminal, 89 East 42nd Street Bond book appearance: 007 in New York, James Bond,