007 Soundtrack: Thunderball (1965)

007 Soundtrack: Thunderball (1965)

June 28, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers
FILM: Thunderball (1965)
TITLE SONG: “Thunderball”
COMPOSED BY: John Barry, Don Black

Thunderball is the soundtrack album for the fourth James Bond film Thunderball.
The album was released by United Artists Records in 1965. The music was composed and conducted by John Barry, and performed by the John Barry Orchestra. This was Barry’s third soundtrack for the series. The soundtrack was not finished by the time the film was released in theatres and only featured twelve tracks, roughly only the film’s first half; the last seven tracks were released for the first time when the soundtrack was issued on Compact Disc on 25 February 2003. Additionally, the music in the film was unfinished days before the film’s release in theatres due to a late change by Eon Productions to use a title song with the same name as the film.


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  1. “Thunderball (Main Title)” – Tom Jones
  2. “Chateau Flight”
  3. “The Spa”
  4. “Switching the Body”
  5. “The Bomb”
  6. “Cafe Martinique”
  7. “Thunderball (Instrumental)”
  8. “Death of Fiona”
  9. “Bond Below Disco Volante”
  10. “Search for the Vulcan”
  11. “007”
  12. “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

CD bonus tracks
  1. “Gunbarrel/Traction Table/Gassing the Plane/Car Chase”
  2. “Bond Meets Domino /Shark Tank/Lights out for Paula/For King and Country”
  3. “Street Chase”
  4. “Finding the Plane/Underwater Ballet/Bond with SPECTRE Frogmen/Leiter to the Rescue/Bond Joins Underwater Battle”
  5. “Underwater Mayhem/Death of Largo/End Titles”
  6. “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Mono Version)”
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