007 Travelers review of “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond”

007 Travelers review of “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond”

September 29, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

007 Travelers received the book “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond“.
Here is our review.

Book: The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond
Author: Mark Mason
Publisher: Thomas Drewry
Year: First published 2006, this edition 2012
Bluffer´s online shop price: £6.99

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The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond” is a really compact (117 pages) package for Bond enthusiasts, who already know everything about Bond. The book is at its best when it compares James Bond in books to Bond in the world of 007 movies. Book is full of clever knowledge about Bond and most important information might be, that when you know about things that are mentioned in Bond books, it makes you the real Bond aficionado. Bond in books is something that is raised above Bond in 007 films:

“The key to bluffing your way in Bond is to understand one crucial fact: the films are nowhere near as good as the books -even when Fleming was noticeably losing his touch towards the end. Once you have adopted this as your central argument, everything you say will earn the respect due to an obvious expert.”

Most parts of the book concentrates comparing 007 in books and films and it makes it really professional way without forgetting that you can write things also in funny way. The book is focusing to Ian Fleming‘s books but it won´t forget other Bond authors.

Basic purpose of the book is to guide how you can achieve a place as a Bond aficionado easily without reading hundreds of books about Bond.

Most positive thing in the book is that there are no errors. Many of the books that are “guides to Bond” include factual errors and some data is not accurate. “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond” rises above other books in this case.

The chapter that presents Bond girls “Oh James“, is also interesting, but it could tell us  more about Bond girls and other ladies in Bond films.

When book is about to reach its end, it loses a grip a bit. Chapters “Essential Bond Miscellany” and “Being Bond” are nicely written, but are maybe little bit unnecessary.

As a whole book is anyhow fascinating collection of knowledge from the world of Bond.

Rate: Good.