007 Restaurant: Restaurant of the Hôtel du Rhône (Café Calla nowadays)

007 Restaurant: Restaurant of the Hôtel du Rhône (Café Calla nowadays)

April 28, 2016 0 By 007 Travelers


Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Address: Quai Turrettini 1
Bond book appearance: “COLD” (1996)
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2014

007 Travelers really enjoyed this restaurant. The food was wonderful and the service was very good. We got a taste of the chef’s special portion and it was such a nice surprise. The whole staff was also very child-friendly. We recommend this for everyone!

Health-conscious cuisine and café style dining on the banks of River Rhône

Under the experienced eye of Chef Nasser Jeffane, Café Calla offers a mix of modern Swiss/French and health-conscious cuisine, centered around seasonal and locally-sourced produce. Alongside this innovative selection of organic-based recipes, guests will also enjoy an extensive choice of beverages including mocktails, organic cocktails and a variety of wines from the Geneva region.

With its relaxing yet elegant atmosphere on the banks of the River Rhône, Café Calla features a 120-seat dining room, a shaded Parisian-style terrace and an exclusive 10-seat Chef’s Table, all complemented by a walk-in 1500-bottle wine cellar.

“They sat in the restaurant of the Hôtel du Rhône, among the white napery, glittering silverware, lights glinting off the crystal glasses, the bar pianist playing old romantic standards. Beatrice wore a simple cocktail dress, dark blue with a plunging neckline, bare back and a strand of what looked like diamonds at her throat. Around them, money and rank occupied the other tables: mostly retired money. The couples looked socially very acceptable, and Bond thought of M’s old comment on Switzerland – “Berne is about politics,” he would say. “Zurich concerns itself with money; but Geneva has its faded social circle. If you want to hobnob with Swiss residents who keep their money in Zurich and their pretensions intact, then join the dying breed of Geneva.”

John Gardner: “COLD” (1996) 

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