007 Restaurant: Bar Flor (Cafetería Flor)

007 Restaurant: Bar Flor (Cafetería Flor)

May 10, 2020 0 By 007 Travelers

BAR FLOR (Cafetería Flor)

Location: Málaga, Spain
Address: Calle Cervantes 1
Bond book appearance: DoubleShot (2000)
Visited by 007 Travelers: August 2018

007 Travelers had a lunch at one of the sidewalk tables of this sidewalk café bar, where 007 killed time in Raymond Benson‘s novel “DoubleShot” (2000).

“They killed time in Bar Flor, the sidewalk café directly across the street from Málaga’s Plaza de Toros La Malagueta. Bond sat with Heidi at one of the sidewalk tables, while Hedy, wearing the red wig, a scarf and sunglasses, sat inside the cafeteria, apart from them. She could hear their conversation by means of an earpiece and a small microphone attached to a button on Heidi’s blouse.”

Raymond Benson: “DoubleShot” (2000)

“Cafetería Flor is a proper old school cafeteria. This big rambling place is ideally situated overlooking the bull ring on the busy Paseo de Reding, close to Muelle Uno and the centre of town. A cafeteria is a no-nonsense restaurant serving drinks and hot food to working locals, and usually features a menu del dia, or menu of the day which is always the best value food in town. If you want fine dining or fancy coffee, or unctuous cool young baristas, then don’t go to a cafeteria. Here at Flor you get straight up Spanish food and tapas, plenty of space and a relaxed attitude to everything in a great place in the shade of the trees where you can watch the world go by, and it won’t break the bank.”

(My Guide Malaga)

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