007 Related Restaurant: Regency Café, London, England

007 Related Restaurant: Regency Café, London, England

February 22, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers


Location: London, England
Address: 17-19 Regency Street
Bond connection: Cafeteria seen in Daniel Craig movie Layer Cake

The Regency Café opened in 1946 on Regency Street, London, near to the borders of Westminster and Pimlico. It was sold by the original owners to Antonio Perotti and Gino Schiavetta in 1986. It is now run by Antonio’s daughter, Claudia and Gino’s son Marco.

The interior tiling is original, while the tables are newer and formica topped. Interior decorations include photographs of Tottenham Hotspur football players. The cafe is designed in an art deco style.

The Regency Café serves cuisine traditionally seen in a greasy spoon style cafe. It includes a variety of breakfast food such as Eggs Benedict, although with fried eggs. The tea served was described by Harry Wallop for The Daily Telegraph, as “Proper builders’ tea, the stuff that once fuelled the docks, factories and steelworks of Britain; a mug of pure, liquid copper.” Other items include a homemade steak pie.

In 2013, the Regency Café was voted as the fifth best restaurant in London by users of the website Yelp. It had already been included in a list of the top five less expensive places to eat in the UK.

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