007 Related restaurant: Casa Lucio

007 Related restaurant: Casa Lucio

May 12, 2018 0 By 007 Travelers


Location: Madrid, Spain
Address: Calle Cava Baja 35
Bond connectionPierce Brosnan ate here years ago
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2017

Casa Lucio remains in the location that once was home to the hundred-year old Mesón El Segoviano, a magnificent restaurant where Lucio Blázquez began to work at the age of 12.

Lucio Blázquez was born in Serranillos (Avila), on 12th February 1933. When he turned 12 he came with his father to Madrid and began working at the “Meson del Segoviano” with the owner, Dona Petra, who loved him like a son. She was who, many years later, would sell the restaurant to Lucio. Already then, at such a young age, his skills with people were noticeable; he showed his interest in the work, and he also transmitted his joy to customers, who already gave him good tips. Many of those customers were students by then, but they’re now important figures in the social life of the country, regulars of Casa Lucio, and friends at the same time.

007 Travelers met Mr. Lucio who is a true legend. He gave us his autograph and we took a photo with him.

We had wonderful lunch which included chicken “Pollo Ajillo 1/2” and meat balls “Albondigas” with red wine “Copa Vino” and desserts ice cream “Helado Variado”. 

Restaurant staff were really helpful and friendly and showed us the table where Mr. Brosnan ate years ago and also showed us Bollinger bottle with 007 logo

Mika, Lucio Blázquez and Pirita
Autograph of Lucio Blázquez
“Pierce Brosnan´s table”
Bollinger champagne bottle with 007 logo

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