Secret Sofa presented by Häagen-Dazs Week 4: Casino Royale (2006) / (8 May 2020)

Secret Sofa from Secret Cinema. Presented by Häagen-Dazs

“Attention Operative.

You have been handpicked by the Secret Intelligence Service.
Due to the bravery of thousands of civilians, a number of key targets were neutralised. However, the latest intelligence suggests a larger underground force is emerging with connections both in London and Shanghai.

As one of our top Operatives, we will be sending you to the Casino Royale Montenegro this Friday.

Your mission briefing, alias and instructions are attached below. It is time to act.

You are expected here at 7.30 pm (BST) on Friday 8th May. Make sure you have found your preferred way of streaming “Casino Royale” (2006) for 8pm (BST). Available on: Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and more.

Do not be late, Operative.

Stay alert.


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