Robert Davi will be awarded

Robert Davi will be awarded

April 29, 2017 0 By 007 Travelers

Robert Davi, best known for his role as Bond villain Franz Sanchez in “Licence to Kill” (1989), will be awarded lifetime achievement award today, 29th of April 2017 at 12th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, where his documentary, “Davi’s way” will be screened.

Source: Everything Sinatra (Facebook)
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007 Travelers congratulates Robert Davi!
Robert Davi visited Bond For Unicef Charity Gala in Stockholm, Sweden on 20 September 2014, where some kind of documentary was filmed of him and 007 Travelers was also asked to talk about Robert Davi for it. Could this be the very “Davi’s way” documentary?
007 Travelers was honoured to meet Mr. Davi and he was very charming!
007 Travelers met Robert Davi, see the report


Pirita / 007 Travelers with Robert Davi

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