Radiohead´s SPECTRE theme song

Radiohead´s SPECTRE theme song

December 26, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

Radiohead recorded their version of SPECTRE, but it was not used for the film.

“Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie “SPECTRE“. Yes we were”.

“… It didn’t work out … but became something of our own which we love very much ….”

“.. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you …”

Source: Radiohead´s singer Thom Yorke on Twitter, 25 December 2015.

Listen and download the song here:

As we all know, Sam Smith´s “Writing´s on the Wall” was chosen as the title song for “SPECTRE“.

But which one is better? 

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