Jany Temime: Dressing James Bond

Jany Temime: Dressing James Bond

October 20, 2021 0 By 007 Travelers

Interview by Benson & Clegg

Over the course of two movies, award winning costume designer, Jany Temime, helped reinvent the style of James Bond for a whole new generation. With a film franchise that boasts a tailoring heritage like no other, and a leading actor whose sartorial influence reaches far beyond that of those have who have played the part before him, Jany spoke to The Journal about the inspirations, challenges and good old fashioned hard work that goes into dressing Daniel Craig‘s James Bond.

Jany Temime’s Bond production:

Costume designer in “Skyfall” (2012) and “SPECTRE” (2015).

Daniel Craig has had a huge influence on the development of Bond over the course of his five movies. How much did you collaborate with Daniel when it came to style?

Oh, a huge amount. Daniel went to an art school so he has a very strong aesthetic sense. It’s a collaborative process and he has very good ideas. Daniel had a strong sense of what he wanted the character to be and it was my job to take those ideas and work them in a way that ensured we stayed on the right track.

Did you draw inspiration from previous Bond’s?

Only Sean Connery. You look at Sean back in the 60’s and he was an incredibly sexy man who can carry off any outfit he wears. He had that special something that you can’t explain. If we knew what it was we’d all be doing it! For “Spectre“, I was influenced by Connery in “Goldfinger” (1964), in particular the white dinner jacket he wears, and we kept some of the details from that look for Daniel. In fact, I always had a picture of Sean whenever I was dressing Daniel. But, even if the “look” has been done before, you have to bring something new to it.

How did you develop Bond’s casual wardrobe?

When you work with a director like Sam Mendes, the psychology of the character is primary and this is reflected in the wardrobe. The character is wearing these clothes for a reason. Bond is multi-faceted, he is sexy, but he is also a guy who has problems. He’s physical; he’s strong; he’s vulnerable…there has to be a reason for the clothes he wears.

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