James Bond’s travel expenses through the series

James Bond’s travel expenses through the series

October 8, 2021 0 By 007 Travelers

Travel Perk has made a wonderful interactive map about James Bond’s travel expenses over the years, including the new film “No Time to Die” (2021). It is so cool, try it!

With the new Bond film, “No Time to Die“, having its world premiere only a few days ago, TravelPerk, set about working out exactly how much Bond could claim on company expenses from MI6 for each of the 25 films – discovering which Bond spent the most on things such as travel and food and drink, as well as the most lavish items expensed. So far James Bond’s travel expenses have amounted up to $183,445 throughout the movie series so far, with over $6,900 spent on alcohol alone

Daniel Craig’s Bond signs off with his most expensive mission yet, visiting more countries than any other Bond

007 racks up $10,896 of business costs in “No Time to Die“, visiting six countries in the process

Sean Connery’s Bond is the most expensive overall, costing British taxpayers an average of $10,135 per movie

Daniel Craig’s James Bond amounted $10,896 in business expenses, including flights and drinks, in the latest instalment of the series, “No Time to Die”, making it Craig’s most expensive outing since his debut in “Casino Royale(2006) ($10,438). 

Throughout No Time to Die, we see Bond in Italy, Jamaica, Cuba, the UK, Norway and an island between Japan and Russia, making the film the most globetrotting of any in the series and leaving Craig’s Bond spending an average of £6,290.74 per film. Notable expensive items included a bottle of Château Angélus, Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A Wine shared with Q and valued at $2,103. 

With the new Bond film released on October 8th, TravelPerk, set about working out exactly how much Bond could claim on company expenses from each of the 25 films – discovering which Bond spent the most on things such as travel and food and drink, as well as the most lavish items expensed. 

James Bond’s travel expenses have amounted up to $183,445 throughout the movie series so far, with over $6,900 spent on alcohol alone.  

Sean Connery, the first ever Bond actor, expensed a total of $60,945 for business trips during his six-film stint as the secret agent, an average of $10,158 per film. His most expensive purchase was a ticket on the Orient Express from Istanbul to Venice (a journey he never completed) in “From Russia With Love(1963).

Bond number three, Roger Moore, was a close second, expensing an average of $9,744 per film and a total of $58,461 in his seven films. Notably, Moore featured in one of two Bond films where the secret agent has his license to kill revoked and cannot claim expenses – “The Man with the Golden Gun(1974)

The full list of most expensive Bonds is: 

1.      Sean Connery – $60,945 total, $10,158 average 

2.      Roger Moore – $58,461 total, $9,744 average 

3.      Daniel Craig – $43,367 total, $8,682 average 

4.      Pierce Brosnan – $18,670 total, $4,667 average 

5.      George Lazenby – $1,474 total, $1,474 average 

6.      Timothy Dalton – $809 total, $405 average 

The cheapest Bond, Timothy Dalton, only accrued $809 of expenses for hotels and travel across his movies. This is thanks in part to Dalton only starring in two Bond movies, one of which, “Licence to Kill(1989)he has his license revoked in. 

When it comes to travel, Bond is known for his globetrotting exploits, and it’s Roger Moore’s Bond in “Moonraker(1979) who sets the standard for the most spent on travel. Traveling from London to Rio de Janeiro, via Los Angeles and Venice, Bond would have spent $20,598 on business class plane tickets alone. 

Huw Slater, Chief Operations Officer at TravelPerk, commented on the research: 

“Of all the business travellers in TV and film, James Bond has to be one of the most famous. With the new movie recently released and many more business travellers heading back on the road, we wanted to mark the occasion by working out just how much money Bond would have expensed to his employer for his numerous trips. 

“It was quite surprising to find that two of the earlier Bonds were the biggest spenders, with the Orient Express train ticket and hotel stay in Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica for $1,983 being the most notable costs. We’re also glad to see Daniel Craig making the most of the MI6 company credit card before handing it back! Business expenses can be tricky to navigate, so we hope MI6 used a simple system like TravelPerk to help make it easy for 007!” 

The full James Bond travel expenses research can be viewed via Travel Perk’s interactive map here


James Bond’s travel costs were calculated by watching each film and adding together James Bond’s hotel, travel and food and drink costs. These costs were worked out based on 2021 prices, specific details of sources are available on request. 

Figures originally calculated in GBP, converted to US Dollars at conversion rate of 1:1.38. 

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