Daniel Craig Opens Up To DuJour About Bond, Booze & The Internet: MALE BONDING

Daniel Craig Opens Up To DuJour About Bond, Booze & The Internet: MALE BONDING

August 28, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
007 Travelers was contacted about DuJour magazine’s Fall issue.
See the highlights of the interview with great photos.
Daniel Craig opens up to playwright, screenwriter and film director Martin McDonagh, who has been described as one of the most important living Irish playwrights.  The piece, entitled “Male Bonding,” is a playful conversation between Craig and McDonagh that touches upon Bond, booze and the Internet.

Included below are highlights from the piece. The spread was photographed by famed photographer David Bailey.

On the new Bond:
McDonagh: I’m assuming you don’t care about who plays Bond next…
Craig: No!
On doing his own stunts:
McDonagh: Do you get nervous doing the stunts?
Craig:  You always get nervous a bit.  There was this part where I’d fucked up my knee halfway through shooting, which curtailed a lot of the serious action stuff.  I’m so fucking gung ho about wanting to do every stunt I can, I had to ask ‘What can I do, and what can’t I do?’

On the Internet:
Craig: Bars are hard, but that’s more because of mobile phones.  I’ll do autographs all day long, and I’ll even do a picture at the end of the evening.  But if I’m being photographed all night long in a bar, that pisses me off.
McDonagh:  I don’t even have a phone.  I don’t want to get into all that Twitter bullshit either.
Craig:  What, and get abused? I have no idea.  I don’t go on the Internet.

On being out in a bar:
McDonagh: Do you feel like you’ve lost out being able to observe drunks in a bar?
Craig:  Yes, and that’s a danger I think, because I love playing drunks.  Drunk, damaged people; it’s like, bring them on!
On recovering from a hangover:
Craig:  There’s this thing called Pedialyte.  If you wake up in the morning and you’ve got one of those on standby and you down the whole lot…you can carry on drinking!
McDonagh:  How did you discover that? Hanging around with a lot of babies?
Craig:  No, Mark Wahlberg.  Who I don’t know, but I was told that’s what Mark swears by.  It’s the difference between life and death as far as I’m concerned.

On his heroes:
Craig:  On a flight to New York recently, Alicia Keys and Desmond Tutu were on the plane.  I didn’t go up to them.  I smiled at Alicia Keys, but I couldn’t look Desmond Tutu in the eye.  I wanted to go up to him and fall at his feet.  It was one of those situations where I blew it completely.