007 Travelers report with pics: Thunderball 50th Anniversary Screening event in Helsinki, Finland

007 Travelers report with pics: Thunderball 50th Anniversary Screening event in Helsinki, Finland

August 17, 2015 2 By 007 Travelers

What: Thunderball 50th Anniversary Screening event
Where: Orion Cinema, Eerikinkatu 15, Helsinki, Finland
When: 15 August 2015

Report: 007 Travelers
Photos: Tapio and Tomi on behalf of 007 Travelers

On this beautiful Saturday night there was a lot going on in Helsinki, Finland. Since it is time of Helsinki Festival 2015, our capital city is full of people and here are lots of tourists. On this day was for example Flow Festival and Helsinki City Marathon but also a very special event: Thunderball 50th Anniversary Screening, arranged by 007 Travelers in co-operation with National Audiovisual Institute KAVI.

007 Travelers was ready for the evening, and was looking forward to seeing all those people coming to the event, which was almost sold out.

Mika and Pirita / 007 Travelers

In the lobby of Orion cinema we had a table with some “Thunderball” (1965) stuff on it and many found that interesting.

Our photographers Tapio and Tomi took photos of this event and here you can see many of them.

We had James Bonds, Bond villains and Bond girls…..

On the way to cinema from this beautiful lobby

Along the red carpets to see “Thunderball” (1965)

Everyone got their lottery number and soon the program started.

Malla from KAVI welcomed the audience on behalf of Kavi and Orion cinema and introduced Pirita and Mika.

After that Pirita welcomed everyone on behalf of 007 Travelers and right after that we heard Mika´s speech of “Thunderball” (1965).

Then it was time to have the lottery. Here are the winners and the prizes.

Spy Museum products: Hannu Kökkänen

Episodi movie magazine for one year: Auli Korpivaara and Juha Seitajärvi

Helsinki shooting club gift card: Amiina Abdalla

A&S Restaurants gift card: Unknown secret agent (wanted to remain incognito)

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki gift card: Henry Mamberg

007 Travelers wanted to give away a gift card of Restaurant Casa Largo, since the food is good there and its name has a “Thunderball” villain connection. We decided to give it to person whose lottery number was 007 and Johanna Leinonen got that number this time.

Only one prize left, the best Bond style costume. the choice was hard since there were several people with great costumes. But our jury had to choose one, and the one was at this time Lauri Hämeen-Anttila, as Mr. Emilio Largo. Another event guest had also great Largo style with cigar and he had coloured his hair gray and also he had his another eye hidden. Actually it was extremely hard to decide the winner.

After that, we started the screening with “SPECTRE” (2015) trailer, arranged by SF Film Finland Oy:

Not everyone had seen that before and it was a great surprise for them and we all enjoyed it a lot. Soon it was time to begin “Thunderball” (1965) film. Both “SPECTRE” (2015) trailer and “Thunderball” film got huge applause from the audience.

After the film some of us gathered for a group photo. The evening was perfect!

007 Travelers wants to thank the audience and the following people and organizations for making that event possible:

Anna Möttölä
Juha Kindberg

Malla Salminen
Pasi Nyyssönen
Timo Huttunen
Joonatan Nikkinen
Ray Rummukainen
and other staff

Jutta Hopp & Co.

and event co-operation partners:


007 Travelers´ event photographers:Tapio and Tomi

Also thank you BIO REX HELSINKI LASIPALATSI for decoration material

Thunderball event 15 August 2015 media friends:

Eye on Bond
From Sweden with Love
James Bond-magasinet
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PALLOSALAMA poster thanks:

Peter Lorenz, Illustrated 007
in co-operation with Benjamin Lind, The Bond Bulletin

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