007 James Bond actor: Roger Moore

007 James Bond actor: Roger Moore

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Who: Roger George
Born: 14 October 1927, London, England
Died: 23 May 2017, Switzerland


Sir Roger George Moore, KBE was an English actor. He was perhaps best known for playing British secret agent James
Bond in the official film
series for seven films
between 1973 and 1985. He appeared as Bond in more official Bond films than any
other actor, and was the oldest actor to play Bond. Moore also portrayed Simon Templar in The
from 1962 to 1969.
He is also a Goodwill
Ambassador for the charity
organisation UNICEF.

Roger Moore trivia facts: 
  • While a struggling young actor in
    the early 1950s, he briefly worked as a truck driver. Many years later, he
    impressed the crew on the set of A View to a Kill (1985) with his truck driving
  • Ironically, for an actor who has
    played a weapons-wielding James Bond in no fewer than 7 movies, Moore suffered from hoplophobia (fear of firearms).
  • Has named The Spy Who Loved Me
    (1977) as his favorite Bond movie of the seven he starred in, and A View to a
    Kill (1985) as his least favorite.

Roger Moore´s 007 production:
Moonraker (1979)
Octopussy (1983)

James Bond: 1973–1985

Because of his commitment to several television shows, in particular the
long-lasting series The Saint, Roger Moore was unavailable for the James
Bond franchise for a considerable time. His participation in The Saint
was not only as actor, but also as a producer and director, and he also became
involved in developing the series The Persuaders!. Moore stated in his
autobiography My Word Is My Bond (2008) that he had neither been
approached to play James Bond in Dr.
, nor does he feel that he had ever been considered.
It was only after Sean Connery had declared
in 1966 that he would not play Bond any longer that Moore became aware that he
might be a contender for the role.
However, after George
Lazenby was cast in 1969’s On Her
Majesty’s Secret Service
and Connery played Bond again in
Diamonds Are Forever,
Moore didn’t consider the possibility until it seemed abundantly clear that
Connery had in fact stepped down as Bond for good. At that point Moore was
approached, and he accepted producer Albert
Broccoli’s offer in August 1972. Moore says in his
autobiography that he had to cut his hair and lose weight, but although he
resented that, he was finally cast as James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973).

Moore played Bond in Live and Let Die (1973); The Man with
the Golden Gun
(1974); The Spy Who Loved Me
(1977); Moonraker (1979); For Your Eyes Only (1981); Octopussy
(1983); and A View to a Kill (1985).

Moore is the longest-serving James Bond actor, having spent 12 years in
the role (from his debut in 1973, to his retirement from the role in 1985),
having made seven official films in a row. Moore is the oldest actor to have
played Bond – he was 45 in Live and Let Die (1973), and
58 when he announced his retirement on 3 December 1985.

Moore’s Bond was very different from the character created by Ian
Fleming. Screenwriters like George MacDonald Fraser provided
scenarios in which 007 was a kind of seasoned, debonair playboy who would
always have a trick or gadget in stock when he needed it. This was designed to
serve the contemporary taste of the 1970s. Moore’s version of Bond was also
known for his sense of humor and witty one-liners, but also an extremely
skilled detective with a cunning mind.

In 2004 Moore was voted ‘Best Bond’ in an Academy
Awards poll, and he won with 62% of votes in another poll in
2008. In 1987 he hosted Happy Anniversary 007: 25 Years of James Bond.

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