Fellow Agent: Michael Hackl / 007 Collector

Fellow Agent: Michael Hackl / 007 Collector

December 20, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
Michael “007collector” Hackl 

Fellow Agent of 007 Travelers:
Who: Michael Hackl, 007collector.com 
When: 20 December 2015

1. Please introduce yourself 
I’m Michael Hackl, born on 20th December 1972, living in Zurich, Wholesale Import & Export, enthusiastic 007collector, vinyl records lover, film fan, member of Swiss, French and German James Bond Clubs.

2. You have your 007collector online 10th Anniversary (20 December 2015). 
How did this collecting started and which one was your first item?
I got for my birthday (20th of December 2005) the 007collector.com homepage from a
friend and graphic artists. He gave me the side designed and based on a CMS (Content
Management System). At this time I had only a few dozen of JB007 collector items.
Actually should this page be my virtual archive. Now it is a daily growing 007collection.
I’m also a vinyl collector since my childhood and early teens 1983. So, my first James Bond collector goods were vinyl soundtracks and 7inch singles. 

3. Which Bond stars have you met so far?
2015 was an incredible year, I have met in the last five weeks: Dave Bautista (Mr. Hinx in “SPECTRE“, 2015) on the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas (5th of November). John Glen and Béatrice Libert (“Moonraker“, 1979, Drax Girl Mademoiselle Deladier) in Paris at the annual meeting of the French James Bond Club in France (29th of October). On the same day I saw Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci and Barbara Broccoli at the French premiere in Paris.

4. Your favourite Bond actor? 
Sean Connery, he will always be the first James Bond. Regarding to the new and current
“James Bond era”, Daniel Craig did a good job.

5. Your favourite Bond film? 
Goldfinger” (1964) A brilliant mixture of all the classic Bond cliches. Good story and
fantastic Swiss filming locations. Closely followed by “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

6. Which is the best place where you have traveled so far? 
I’m often for business in Vienna, I really like this city. As I also like London, Paris and
Venice. But I guess my short trips in 2013 were very special for me; “OHMSS
locations Hotel Palácio Estoril and Praia Do Guincho in Portugal, also the “Hugo
Drax Castle” (“Moonraker” 1979) Le Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte in Melun, France.

7. Which is the place where you would like to visit but have not yet been? 
To be honest, it is an endless list. I would like to visit Brasil, Mexico and Japan in the coming
years for sure.

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