Fellow Agent: Joan Casanovas / Archivo 007

Fellow Agent: Joan Casanovas / Archivo 007

January 22, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

Joan Casanovas
Fellow Agent of 007 Travelers:
Who: Joan Casanovas, ARCHIVO 007 
When: 22 January 2015

1. Please introduce yourself
My name is Joan Casanovas, I am 38 years old and I live in Barcelona (Spain). I am married and we have two children (5-year-old girl and 20-month-old boy). My real job is about digital marketing and social media.

2. How long have you been involved in your 007 activities and what do you want to tell us and other Fellow Agents about it?
I have been “Bonding” since 2002. In fact, I have liked James Bond since I was thirteen when I rented “Moonraker(1979), but on 2002 I decided to create Archivo 007 (007 File) as there was not reliable information about James Bond in Spanish. Now, Archivo 007 is the spanish-language most visited James Bond website, with visitors not only from Spain but also from Latin America countries. Unfortunately in Spain there are not a lot of official activities regarding James Bond, so we try to organize meetings, competitions, podcasts with fans,screenings, etc,..

3. Have you ever met Bond stars? If you have, who? If you have not, who do you want to meet the most? (Why?)
I was proud to met and interview Julian Glover (Aris Kristatos – “For Your Eyes Only“) (1981) and Caroline Munro (Naomi – “The Spy Who Loved Me“) (1977).

4. Your favourite Bond actor? (leading male role) Why?  
I am afraid I love all  of them, I enjoy all of them because each one gives me a slightly different way of being Bond.

5. Your favourite Bond film? Why?
Casino Royale” (2006). It is a very complete film, with a great performance by almost all characters, huge action scenes, nice locations, awesome card game, surprising plot, an evil organization, beautiful car and girl…

6. Which is the best place where you have traveled so far? Why?
I have not traveled so much, the best James Bond place I have been is the Eilean Donan Scottish Castle. Maybe it is the most impressive and mysterious location I have been.

7. Which is the place where you would like to visit but have not yet been? Why?
I have never been in London, so I have thousands of incredible James Bond places to visit there…

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