007 Travelers interview: Hans on the Bass / Klaus Suhonen

007 Travelers interview: Hans on the Bass / Klaus Suhonen

March 22, 2017 0 By 007 Travelers
Who: Klaus Suhonen, Hans on the Bass
When: 22nd of March 2017
Bond connection:  Klaus is a big James Bond fan / Bond themed song “The Game Is On” by Hans on the Bass

Photos and video: Hans on the Bass

The band Hans on the Bass released their fourth album  “The Game Is On” on 22nd of March 2017. The album includes a Bond themed song with the same name.

007 Travelers interviewed Klaus Suhonen, who is the founder of the band.

How did you come up with the idea of making the song The Game Is On?
I’m a big fan of Bond music and for some reason I never get tired of listening to it. I have had this long time dream about making a song with a strong Bond vibe. I was composing music to our fourth album when I got the urge to try to make a song for a fictive 60’s or 70’s Bond movie. I played it to our basist Hans, and our producer Niklas and they both liked the song and the idea.

Who came up with the idea of the video and how much work did it require?
I’m working with advertising and I also do video productions so it was quite natural to start thinking about the video too. Anna came up with the surprise ending for the video. The video was made with a minimal budget and with a lot of help from friends, but still it was a huge job. First I made a story board drawing of every scene and then I cut it together with the music to see how it works. I also built the gadgets to the video. I had built some Bond props and miniatures for my own collection, so I had some experience. But coordinating the whole thing (we needed people to close roads, radiophones, traffic signs, permissions, a buss the cars etc. etc. ) was quite a job. Then filming (had some help from friends) and then the cutting that I did during the winter.

Which one of the original Bond songs is your favourite? Why?
This is a tough question but If I have to name one, I’ll say “Nobody Does It Better” (1977). 
I love the calmness that slowly builds up a exploding energy. A fantastic melody and arrangement.

Your favourite Bond actor? (leading male role) Why?
For me it’s Roger Moore. The first Bond movies i watched were Moore’s and that tongue in cheek style became the real Bond style for me. Moore is also a great person in private and has never talked diminishing about Bond. Even if he has joked about his own performances as Bond.

Your favourite Bond film? Why?
For Your Eyes Only” (1981) is my all time favorite. It was also the first one I watched. It has splendid scenes, like the car chase with the Citroen 2CV or the fantastic skiing scenes. That movie has the perfect mix of humor and excitement.

Which is the best place where you have traveled so far?
I’d like to visit New York again, I have spent there 10 days and the city just sucks you in. A great vibe.

Which is the place where you would like to visit but have not yet been?
I’d love to travel to Middle America and experience the landscape, culture, music and food.

VIDEO: The Game Is On / Hans on the Bass

Hans on the Bass:

Anna Wiksten – vocals
Klaus Suhonen – vocals, guitar
Hans Täckenström – bass
Niklas Nylund guitar
Pia Manns – violin
Niklas Mansner guitar
Mikko Karjalainen – drums
Tom Westeren – horns
Rob Dominis – keyboards

About the band:
Klaus wanted to surprise his friend and Swedish colleague Hans. They had talked a lot about playing together in a band to make the kind of feelgood music that was hard to find. So in 2008 Klaus got together a bunch of great Finnish musicians and called the band Hans On The Bass to tease his friend!

TV alert:
TV concert (YLE5) from Aleksanterin Teatteri, Helsinki, on 25th of March 2017, at 21.00:
Hans on the Bass

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