007 Hotel: Pier House Resort & Spa

007 Hotel: Pier House Resort & Spa

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Location: Key West, USA
Address: 1 Duval St., Key West, Florida, USA
Bond book appearances: Nobody Lives Forever (1986),  Licence to Kill (1989)
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2019

“An iconic Key West experience, providing genuine guest service and an island state-of-mind.” 

007 Travelers visited this lovely resort while searching 007 filming and book locations in Florida.

On a beautiful and hot summer day, we ate lunch at this wonderful hotel located on a perfect location by the sea in Key West.

‘I’ve had enough of that little joke, thank you.’ He sounded genuinely irritated. ‘Now, where are we staying?’

‘There’s only one place to stay in Key West,’ Sukie put in. ‘The Pier House Hotel. You get a wonderful view of the famous sunset from there.’

‘I’ve a lot to do before sunset,’ Bond said sharply. ‘The sooner we get to this – what’s it called? Pier House – the better.’

John Gardner: “Nobody Lives Forever” (1986)

We also walked around the beautiful gardens of Pier House Resort & Spa Hotel. There were many lovely trees and a water fountain in the area. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy the environment.

“As they reached the bottom of Duval, Bond saw what he was looking for and noted that it was a very short walk from the hotel.

‘You’re already registered, and your luggage is in your suite,’ Nannie told him, as she parked the car. They hustled him through the light main reception area furnished in bamboo and through an enclosed courtyard where a fountain played on flowers and the tall wooden statue of a naked woman. Above, large fans revolved silently, sending a down draught of cool air.

He followed them down a passage and out into the gardens, along twisting flower-bordered pathways, with a pool deck to the left. Beyond, a line of wood and bamboo bars and restaurants ran beside a small beach. The pier the hotel was named after stretched out over the water on big wooden piles.

The building appeared to be U-shaped, with the gardens and pool in the centre of the U. They entered the main hotel again at the far side of the pool and took the elevator up one floor to two adjacent suites.

‘We’re sharing,’ said Sukie, inserting her key into one of the doors. ‘But you’re right next to us, James, in case there’s anything we can do for you.’

For the first time since they had met, Bond thought he could detect an invitation in Sukie’s voice. He certainly saw a small angry flash in Nannie’s eyes. Could it be that they were fighting over him?

‘What’s the plan?’ Nannie asked, a little sharply.

‘Where’s the best place to watch this incredible sunset?’

She allowed him a smile. ‘The deck outside the Havana Docks bar, or so they tell me.’

‘And at what time?’

‘Around six.’

‘The bar’s in the hotel?’

‘Right over there.’ She waved a hand vaguely in the direction from which they had come. ‘Above the restaurants, right out towards the sea.’

‘Meet you both there at six, then.’

Bond smiled, turned the key in his door and disappeared into a pleasant and functional, if not luxurious, suite.”

John Gardner: “Nobody Lives Forever” (1986)

“Bond had been unable to find the dark girl in the pink suit whom Felix had introduced as Pam, so he settled for the blonde Pat whose shyness had almost completely disappeared. Night had come, as usual in Key West, with a spectacular sunset and the wedding party had wound down.

“Time to go,” Bond said to the blonde. “Fancy dinner? I’m staying at the Pier House.”

“Oh, I couldn’t eat another thing, Mr Bond.” She looked up at him with sloe eyes. “Except perhaps you.”

Bond smiled. “Good, I rather fancy a light snack in my room.” They headed for the door where Felix and Della waited, saying goodbye to their guests.”

John Gardner: “Licence to Kill” (1989)

“Why not? I’ll be ready and waiting, at the Charter Boat Dock.”

“About an hour then.” Bond turned away abruptly, quickly putting distance between Sharky and himself. His first priority was Felix Leiter’s house.

He had done nothing but lie on his bed in the Pier House all day, calling room service for food. The telephone ring twice, but he did not pick up, except to make one call out, to the hospital. Felix was doing well, they told him. The rest of his time was spent thinking: trying to work out the next move. His conscience pricked, knowing that he should really be elsewhere on business for London. But Felix Leiter was a good friend – a man who had saved his life many times over.

When he eventually left the hotel, to keep his appointment with Sharky, Bond had done what was known in the trade as a “round-the-houses”, or “dry cleaning” – in plain language watching his own back, checking that he was not under any surveillance.

On his devious way to Mallory Square he picked up no indicators, yet there was this odd intuition that he was, in fact, being watched. In the end he doubled back to the hotel shop and loitered there for a few minutes. Still no result, so he set out again, and was forced to dodge a conch train as he crossed the road. Coach trains ply the whole street system of Key West all day – motorised vehicles made to look like engines, drawing a series of coaches filled with rubber-necking tourists. It was a good and colourful way of seeing the sights.”

John Gardner: “Licence to Kill” (1989)

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