007 Hotel: Nazionale, Rome, Italy

007 Hotel: Nazionale, Rome, Italy

February 17, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers


Location: Rome, Italy
Address: Piazza di Montecitorio, 131
Bond book appearance: For Your Eyes Only – short story Risico

The Hotel Nazionale Roma has a long tradition of hospitality, with its gracious and spacious rooms and the highest levels of service. Elegant, welcoming and beautifully furnished: the Hotel Nazionale is all of this and much more.

Overlooking Montecitorio Square, in the heart of Rome’s historic center, the hotel is in an 18th-century building on one of the most celebrated squares in Rome, where the Parliament House sits, and where many of the capital’s most famous monuments are to be found: a crossroads of history art and culture, and a hub of shopping and entertainment.

Rome, 175,00 euros / 1 night, incl. breakfast. (2011)

“She turned and walked up the curved steps of the hotel. Bond looked after her thoughtfully, and got back into the taxi and told the man to take him to the Nazionale.”

Ian Fleming: “For Your Eyes Only – short story “Risico” 

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