007 Hotel: Macdonald Bear Hotel

007 Hotel: Macdonald Bear Hotel

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Location: Woodstock, England
Address: Park Street, Oxfordshire
Bond book appearanceWin, Lose or Die (1989)
Visited by 007 Travelers: November 2017



In hotel’s logo there is of course a… bear.



“Macdonald Bear Hotel is one of the finest 4-star hotels in Oxfordshire and offers a beautiful slice of luxury in the heart of the countryside. Set in Woodstock, in what was once a 13th century coaching inn, our hotel combines history and culture with exceptional facilities. With direct access to the historic city of Oxford, the hotel is a popular choice for leisure breaks, business and weddings.” (Macdonald Bear Hotel)








“Macdonald Bear hotel is a perfect venue for celebrations, events and conferences; it boasts superb hotel accommodation, stylish meeting and function rooms, peaceful views over the courtyard and stunning period features.” (Macdonald Bear Hotel)










“Bear hotel in Oxfordshire is perfect for a relaxing retreat. Roam the historic city of Oxford and marvel in the dreaming spires or linger in the city’s many shops and museums.” (Macdonald Bear Hotel)








007 Travelers visited this hotel that featured in John Gardner’s Bond book “Win, Lose or Die” (1989) and we got the same room where Bond meets M in this novel. The room is number 22.






A view from room 22






” A couple of days later he received a postcard picturing the Martyrs’ Memorial in Oxford. He did not recognize the writing, but presumed it had been done by one of the cleared secretaries back at the Regent’s Park office. It was neat, short and to the point.



“Completed twenty-two pages of notes on bear-baiting in the sixteenth century; visited Blenheim Palace to take a look at the archives which kept me busy over the weekend. Hope to see you soon. Love as ever. Judith.”


Anyone with common sense could have deciphered it. Judith was the code for crash meeting. The text told Bond exactly when and where: The Bear hotel, Woodstock, near Oxford. Room twenty-two at eight o’clock Sunday night – the room number was exact, the time was 16.00 hours plus four. Either something was up, or – as the course was nearing completion – plans had been altered.


The Bear Hotel, Woodstock, lies in the main square of that crowded little town which stands a few minutes’ walk from the grounds leading to Blenheim Palace, that gorgeous gift to the first Duke of Marlborough from a grateful sovereign.”


John Gardner; “Win, Lose or Die” (1989)



Pictures from the breakfast hall










The local legend says that at least two of the bedrooms in the hotel are said to be haunted. For example there is a female ghost who turns lights on and off in room 16…


Well, we didn’t see any ghosts…

Winston the bear




007 Travelers walked in and around this beautiful small hotel, which is located perfectly in the center of Woodstock.









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