007 Hotel: Casa Marina Key West – A Waldorf Astoria Resort

007 Hotel: Casa Marina Key West – A Waldorf Astoria Resort

April 3, 2020 0 By 007 Travelers


Location: Key West, USA
Address: 1500 Reynolds St., Key West, Florida, USA
Bond book appearanceLicence to Kill (1989)
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2019

“Immerse yourself in a fantastic getaway on the only private beach in Key West, FL. Established in the 1920s and a hotel icon ever since, Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort combines modern luxury and historic beauty. Enjoy a boutique resort feel with spectacular amenities, including oceanfront accommodations, two tropical pools, exquisite dining and thrilling water sports. Here, you’ll find memorable days and mesmerizing sunsets.” (Casa Marina Key West – A Waldorf Astoria Resort)

007 Travelers had a lovely time at Casa Marina on our Key West trip on July 2019. It is awesome to walk on the beach and watch the calm sea.

Even though 007 was not here in the film “Licence to Kill” (1989), he did visit here in John Gardner‘s novelization of the book “Licence to Kill” (1989)

“The journey, from Ballast Key to Garrison Bight, had taken twice as long as usual, with Steve peering into the darkness, using a small floodlight to follow the twisting narrow channel, marked with red flags. But they eventually made it. There was a small bar at Garrison Bight, but it was frequented by fishermen who could not have cared what was being brought in from Ballast Key. Half an hour later, Bond was settled into the renovated Casa Marina Hotel, with its huge airy lobby, the smooth polished floorboards, great whirling fans and strange pedigree – for it had been originally built by the legendary Henry Flagler who constructed the Overseas Railroad and chose one of the most beautiful locations for the hotel, set between County and South Beaches, like the Overseas Railroad, had not been one of Flagler’s successes. Between the wars it began to fail, and during Big Two was used by the Navy before returning to private ownership, apart from being taken over by the military during the Cuba crisis, after which it fell into disrepair, to be renovated again in 1977.”

John Gardner: “Licence to Kill” (1989)

Lobby area of the hotel is very spacious and personnel at the reception desk was very friendly.

Don’t forget to check the lovely small gift shop in the lobby. We bought some nice souvenirs from there!

“On New Year’s Eve 1920, Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, opened its doors as Key West’s most glamorous destination. Conceived by American railroad tycoon Henry Flagler, (1830-1913) the resort was intended to accommodate wealthy customers of Flagler’s Overseas Railroad, which spanned from Key West to the Florida mainland”. (Casa Marina Key West – A Waldorf Astoria Resort).

Unfortunately Flagler died before the hotel’s construction began in 1918.

The statue of Henry Flagler

You can park your car to hotel’s parking lot using their valet parking (be aware of the cocks and iguanas! 🙂 or you can park your car on the street for free if there are available places. We used the valet parking and it is really handy way to easily come and go whenever you are coming or going.

One special thing to mention is a really wonderful breakfast. We really recommend to take the buffet breakfast. There are so many wonderful choices that you don’t need a lunch after you have enjoyed this breakfast 🙂

Breakfast hall of Casa Marina

Even though hotel rooms might need some renovation, this was absolutely one of the best experiences that we had on this Florida tour! 007 Travelers had a nice room with balcony and a sea side view.

“Now this pleasant hotel was a haven of peace for Bond. What was better, nobody knew he was there. He had only partially unpacked, making certain the money was secure in the two big cases, and taking a look in the special secret compartment in the briefcase Q-Branch had prepared for the Istanbul trip. Peeling away the false bottom, which was shielded from any airport X-ray eyes, he found, among other things, a spare automatic and holster.”

John Gardner: “Licence to Kill” (1989)

Hotel’s pool area is a lovely place to relax after a hard day…

Inside the hotel there also some nice surprises…

We really enjoyed our stay here and we would like to visit this lovely place soon again!

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