007 Video game: The World Is Not Enough (2000)

007 Video game: The World Is Not Enough (2000)

June 29, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers
007 VIDEO GAME TITLE: The World Is Not Enough
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2000 (For Game Boy Color 2001)
DEVELOPER: Eurocom (N64), Black Ops Entertainment (PS)
PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 64, PlayStation
BOND LIKENESS: Pierce Brosnan
The World Is Not Enough marks the fifth appearance of Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond, though like Tomorrow Never Dies, the game included his likeness but not his voice.

The game closely follows the storyline of the movie, with some minor differences. In addition, with a GameShark, N64 players can unlock two additional levels: one dubbed “Crate Yard” and the other “Subterranea.” Crate Yard appears to be an early test level, and Subterranea is likely a mission once intended to appear between “Fallen Angel” and “A Sinking Feeling.”

The PlayStation version has only 11 missions: “Thames Chase, “Underground Uprising, “Midnight Departure” and “A Sinking Feeling” were not present, and “City of Walkways” was only one mission. Between “Cold Reception” and “Night Watch” there was a mission called “Russian Roulette”, in which the player must play a game of Blackjack to get information about Renard from Zukovsky.

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