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007 Video game: Agent Under Fire (2001)

007 VIDEO GAME TITLE: Agent Under Fire
(PlayStation 2), 2002 (GameCube,
DEVELOPER: EA Canada, EA Redwood
Shores, Savage Entertainment (Xbox)
PLATFORM(S): GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Agent Under Fire is the fourth Bond game which is not based on a film or book in the James Bond series.
Starting with GoldenEye (video game) and
continuing on with The World Is Not Enough, multiplayer support in a James Bond game has become a staple. The multiplayer mode in Agent Under Fire features up to 4 players, with the option for AI bots in the Xbox and GameCube versions.

Agent Under Fire features over fifteen different types of firearms as well as other weapons. Each firearm is based on a real firearm, but is given a pseudonym, the same manner as the weapons in GoldenEye, and The World is Not Enough. Most of the gadgets are concealed in a mobile phone, including a decryptor, grapple, laser, and remote transmitter.
Bond is also provided with a card that disrupts electronic signals, as well as a jetpack.

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