007 Filming location: Exercise at Gibraltar: 1. Water catchments / The Living Daylights (1987)

Bond movie: The Living Daylights (1987)
Place and location in the movie: Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory
Actual place and location: The Great Gibraltar Sand Dune, Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory
What happens here in the movie: 00 agents parachute to Gibraltar. 007 (Timothy Dalton) finds 004’s (Frederick Warder) body at the end of the water catchments.

There were water catchments in Gibraltar, which can be seen below in a small pic from “The Living Daylights“.

The slope on which they sat was the Great Gibraltar Sand Dune, an ancient consolidated sand dune which dominates the east side of the Rock of Gibraltar. Rainwater flowed down the slope into an open channel which fed into the reservoir system inside The Rock.

That system was removed after some years when filming was completed, because it was impractical and expensive to maintain.

There are presently two separate public water systems in Gibraltar – one providing potable water and the other salt water for flushing toilets, firefighting, street cleaning and other sanitary purposes.

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