SPECTRE theme party in Restaurant Lasipalatsi & Bio Rex Cinema

SPECTRE theme party in Restaurant Lasipalatsi & Bio Rex Cinema

November 6, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

What: “SPECTRE” theme party
Where: Restaurant Lasipalatsi & Bio Rex Cinema, Helsinki, Finland
When: 28 October 2015

007 Travelers visited “SPECTRE” theme party in Restaurant Lasipalatsi, Helsinki.
Lasipalatsi is one of Helsinki’s most notable functionalist buildings and Restaurant Lasipalatsi has the main dining area and three meeting facilities; The Aquarium room for 12 persons, The Helsinki room for 26 persons and The Palm room for 60 persons. The Lasipalatsi kitchen combines the cherished traditional Finnish culinary culture with international influences. Restaurant Lasipalatsi is also well-known for its “Theme weeks”, when the menu follows the seasons and features hearty, unpretentious dishes made with best possible raw materials from their reliable, local producers. They always have on the menu Finnish fish, meat, mushrooms, berries and cheeses.

TEL +358 20 7424 290

In the lobby there were special QR code machines with “SPECTRE” style for the tickets for this event.

Restaurant Lasipalatsi was decorated with cacti and sombreros and everything was all about Mexican tavern style.

Pirita / 007 Travelers

You could also find Q laboratory, where were equipment of the host but also lots of Bond related stuff. As well as the “SPECTRE” theme party, this event was also about customer´s product launch.

The guests saw the new Bond film “SPECTRE” inside Lasipalatsi´s Bio Rex Cinema. This was great because the official premiere in Finland was yet to come on Friday 30th of October. We had popcorn and lemonade during the film. Bio Rex has 700 seats and it was opened in 1936. 

The Buffet was set at Bio Rex foyer after the movie:

*Quinoa avocado salad and Mexican salsa
*Gruyère cheese, asparagus-strawberry salad and balsamico syrup
*Tijuana salmon with Piri Piri sauce and Mexican bean-potato salad
*Roasted ox carpaccio, rucola, olive and parmesan
*Air dried ham, endive-pear salad and Tequila mayonnaise
*Rosemary Focaccia

The host of the evening – Fujitsu Finland Ltd -had three dessert trolleys with special fascia boards of their products and services, and they served desserts with cowberry mousse, chocolate mousse and avocado mousse. They were delicious!

During the evening at the Bio Rex foyer we heard the orchestra Sunday Brothers feat Elina Arlin,  they were performing Bond theme songs and they played also with the Magic Engine 007 illusion show with the illusionist Henri Kemppainen. Dj Yucca and William Suvanne were performing too.

We 007 Travelers had our own stand and we had also borrowed some of our Bond items for this event´s decoration. People were interested in our activities, such us 007 traveling to Bond filming locations and they asked us Bond related questions during the evening, and we were happy to help.

What do you want to know about Bond? Or Bond movies.
Here at this stand Bond specialists are happy to answer to your questions.

Mika & Pirita / 007 Travelers

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